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Diabetes increases the risk of severe form of Covid-19 mainly in young adults: conclusion of a study from the AP-HP health data warehouse

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Work carried out by diabetology teams from AP-HP hospitals, the Cordeliers Research Center, Inserm and the University of Paris, coordinated by Dr Marc Diedisheim from Cochin hospital and Dr Louis Potier from Bichat – Claude-Bernard Hospital, compared the risk of death or orotracheal intubation between patients with or without diabetes hospitalized for Covid-19. They were the subject of a publication in the journal The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 1is June 2021.

From the start of the SARS-Cov-2 epidemic, patients suffering from diabetes, a common disease that affects people of varying ages, were identified as being among the most at risk of developing a severe form of Covid- 19. However, the available data did not allow us to know whether the risk was the same for all age categories.

This observational study was based on data from AP-HP Health Data Warehouse. It involved 6,314 patients hospitalized for Covid-19 at AP-HP between February and June 2020. Its objective was to study the risk of developing a severe form of Covid-19 (requiring intubation or leading to death ) by age in patients hospitalized for Covid-19 with or without diabetes. Diabetes was present in 39% of patients.

The results of the study show that diabetes increases the risk of a severe form of COVID more significantly in adults with diabetes under the age of 70. Indeed, the risk of intubation or death increases progressively with age (23% risk for those under 50 and 35% for those over 80) for all patients. However, the risk is significantly higher in diabetics than in non-diabetics up to the age of 70. After this age, the risk of developing a severe form of the disease for diabetics decreases, reaches a plateau and reaches a rate comparable to that of non-diabetic patients of the same age category (over 80 years).

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Reference: Diabetes increases severe COVID-19 outcomes primarily in younger adults Age and diabetes in COVID-19 severity

Marc Diedisheim, Etienne Dancoisne, Jean-François Gautier, Etienne Larger, Emmanuel Cosson, Bruno Fève, Philippe Chanson, Sébastien Czernichow, Sopio Tatulashvili, Marie-Laure Raffin-Sanson, Kankoé Sallah, Muriel Bourgeon, Christiane Ajzenberg, Agnès Hartemann, Christel Daniel , Thomas Moreau, Ronan Roussel, Louis Potier

DOI : https://doi.org/10.1210/clinem/dgab393

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