Deutsche Lichtmiete the lousy game of sales with investors

Shocking what you hear from the circles of Deutsche Lichtmiete when it comes to the topic of sales. Of course, the sales department is currently “afraid” of being held liable by its investors, because the public has known for years that there were doubts about Deutsche Lichtmiete’s business model.

However, every broker of a capital investment is always obliged not only to check the plausibility of an investment which he sells to his customers, but he must also draw the investor’s attention to negative information about the investment on the Internet. Reputable intermediaries do that, but as is so often the case, there are also intermediaries who live in a Pipi Longstocking world “I’ll make a world as I like it”.

By now it should be clear to every investor that the invested investors will lose part of the money they have invested. The only question is, how much money can you save from your investment?

Now you hear about activities that you would not believe at all, because we have only seen it once that a sales company would go so far and make its investors the plaything of its own interests. Back then in terms of Lombardy. In the end, that was a disaster for sales, some of whom were then successfully sued and had to pay damages even after claims for recourse by the investors they had advised.

In our opinion, this is exactly how it will end in terms of German light rental and sales. What did we learn? Well, we’ve heard from sales circles who don’t want to get involved in this mess, that there may be efforts to recommend lawyers to investors that you can control well for your sales purposes.

In this case, the intention is not to confirm the acting insolvency administrator(s) in the creditors’ meeting, but to enter the race with your own insolvency administrator. One from which one hopes for a “more agreeable behavior” towards the sales and the currently accused persons and which one wants to control “that Deutsche Lichtmiete is sold to the right investors”.

If this is possibly only partially true, then we would be here in an unprecedented scandal that must certainly be made public so that this is nipped in the bud. At least that is the opinion of Thomas Bremer from the from Leipzig. Resist the beginnings, says Thomas Bremer in a short statement from our editorial team.

We’ve already experienced a lot, things that you wouldn’t believe as an outsider, in another case it even went so far that a suspect wanted money from the insolvency administrator if he would make data available to him. That was a “perverse situation”. the insolvency administrator at the time did the only right thing, he reported the incident to the public prosecutor’s office. Then she acted accordingly.

Our advice to you, please refrain from any lawyer recommended to you by Deutsche Lichtmiete’s sales department. He will not represent your interests, but those of sales to your detriment. As a big intermediary from Hamburg said, “the investors are all so stupid, they do what I tell them”.

Let’s hope that he was wrong about that.

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