Detours and train cancellations due to track construction work

Detours and train cancellations due to track construction work

In regional and long-distance rail travel, travelers must expect restrictions, diversions and train cancellations from February 2nd to 7th due to construction work between Erfurt and Eisenach. During this time, three points in Eisenach station and four points in Erfurt-Bischleben station will be replaced, as Deutsche Bahn in Leipzig announced on Tuesday. The construction work will therefore take place both during the day and at night.

The trains of the ICE line 11 from Berlin via Leipzig, Erfurt, Fulda, Frankfurt and Stuttgart to Munich will be diverted between Berlin and Fulda on February 4th and 5th. Travelers must therefore use replacement trains between Berlin-Gesundbrunnen and Erfurt main station and replacement buses between Erfurt and Fulda.

On the ICE line 15 from Berlin via Halle and Erfurt to Frankfurt, trains will also be diverted from February 3rd to 6th. The ICE route 50 from Dresden to Wiesbaden ends in Frankfurt during the construction work. The IC51 from Gera via Erfurt, Düsseldorf to Cologne will only run between Kassel and Cologne from February 3rd to 6th. Replacement trains run between Gera and Gotha.

Local transport is also disrupted. Among other things, the trains on line RE 1 from Göttingen via Erfurt to Glauchau will be diverted between Bad Langensalza and Erfurt main station via Döllstädt on February 3rd and 6th. Departure times have changed on line RE 7 from Erfurt to Würzburg. On the RB 20 line from Eisenach via Erfurt to Halle, buses run between Eisenach and Wutha.

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