Despite his superiority, Wil loses in Lausanne

Despite his superiority, Wil loses in Lausanne

With two defeats in a row, FC Wil says goodbye to the winter break. At the guest appearance in Lausanne, the eastern Swiss play more than an hour in excess without making any capital out of it.

Despite a lot of fighting, Wiler didn’t score any points in the end.

Photo: Gianluca Lombardi

Even if the Wiler showed a lot of good approaches and some good moves in the first round, it was a half-time to forget. The reasons for this sobering impression were many and in a certain way also frustrating. The disaster began early on when Stade-Lausanne-Ouchy appeared dangerous for the first time in front of the gate and immediately took the lead.

Brighton Labeau enjoyed too much liberty and punished his opponent as he usually does in such situations. The Wiler were only moderately impressed by this goal and continued to play cheerfully forward. After a little more than 23 minutes, everyone in black and white was celebrating the goal and had to swallow it in frustration.

Silvio came from the best position to head the ball, but Justin Hammel in the goal of the home team hexed the ball out. It was the last good move by the Vaudois keeper, just two minutes later he was sent to take a shower. After an emergency brake on Sofian Bahloul, the referee rightly showed him the red card.

The second goal of the game followed eight minutes later. This was not shot by the sometimes superior Wiler, but again by FC Stade-Lausanne-Ouchy. A big mortgage for the Wiler, a pleasant starting point for the landlords. This was mainly because the abbots did not want to score a goal before the break.

Little was missing

What is shown after the tea break can be summarized briefly and painlessly with “a lot of effort, little profit”. The Wiler ran up, but found no means to get into the depths and thus also to cause danger. So in the end it was difficult to draw the right conclusion from what was shown.

Without a doubt, the Wiler showed a committed appearance that would have deserved at least one point. In the same way, however, the hosts have to be credited with skilfully managing the excess of the tour. A bit of time play here, a little foul there – without leaving the path of fairness. This is also a quality that you need to win difficult games.

A look at the table must also be differentiated. The Wiler are only eighth, but even the Barrageplatz, which is not FC Wil’s claim, is still within reach. Fourth place is only three points away and shows how tight things are still and how well the Wilers have done all in all.


FC Stade-Lausanne-Ouchy – FC Wil 1900 2: 1 (2: 0)
Stade Olympique de la Pontaise, Lausanne: 453 Zuschauer – Schiedsrichter: Turkes.
Tore: 6. Labeau 1: 0, 33. Hadji 2: 0, 61. Fazliu 2: 1.
Stade-Lausanne-Ouchy: Hammel; Kadima, Hajuraluh, Pos; Asllani (46. Rüfli), Abdullah, Cueni (69. Chader), Qarri (27. Qarri); Bayard (69. Ajdini), Hadji (46. Laugeois); Labeau.
Want to: Keller; Dickenmann (68. Frei), Talabidi, Sauter (89. Miranda), Brahimi (68. Brahimi); Fazliu, Kamber, Reichmuth (82. Ndau); Bahloul (82. Rustemoski), Silvio, Lukembila.
Remarks: Stade-Lausanne-Ouchy without Bamba (suspended), Oss, Routis (both injured), Da Silva, Davland and Staffoni (none of them in the squad). Wil without Izmirlioglu, Zumberi (both suspended), Jones, Silvio (both sick), Daniel, de Mol, Malinowski, Saho and Krunic (all injured).
Warnings: 18. Reichmuth, 39. Pos, 75. Steffen, 79. Sauter. – References: 25. Hammel (Rot).


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