Deputy says that he only gave “a ball to his friend”, the director of the Digna Community arrested by the Falcón case

After being linked to Operation Falcón, the deputy of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) Héctor Darío Féliz, revealed that he is a friend of the arrested Juan Maldonado Castro, suspended director of Comunidad Digna and that he only gave “a ball to his friend.”

The legislator said that Maldonado called him and asked him to pick him up and then they did a “political diligence” in the deputy’s vehicle.

Regarding this, he specified that once he was picked up, Maldonado was with his driver and that it was the latter who took control of his vehicle, while he sat in the back seats.

Shortly after, they were detained by the authorities and the suspended official was arrested.

“I simply know that they (authorities) were following him and at that moment he was in my vehicle, we stopped and at that moment they arrested us,” the legislator said.

After being detained and arrested, the deputy commented that his vehicle, his agenda and his cell phone were detained, which were left in the hands of the Public Ministry authorities, but that due to parliamentary immunity he was not arrested.

However, he said that if necessary, he will make a statement in which he will make his immunity available so that he can be investigated.

“I find out about the investigations and accusations that are made to us through the media. That is why first thing in the morning on Monday I will be at the Attorney General’s Office so that the investigation is not through the media if it is not done personally” , expressed Féliz.

On the other hand, “Pirrín”, as he is known in the Chamber of Deputies, said that it has cost him “a lot of sacrifice” to keep his resume clean and that he is not going to let “nobody mess it up” for me.

“I will be present and stand up to defend my personal honor. I am willing to withdraw my immunity, to make a communication and have my immunity withdrawn until the issue is concluded, at least mine,” he said.

In addition, he urged the Public Ministry authorities to keep his detained belongings “until they are investigated.”

He said that everything he has and has achieved “they know where it comes from” claiming that he has nothing to hide.

“My goods know where they come from and everything I have has a justification from where it comes and every little chelito that has entered my account I can justify where it comes from and every money that I spend I can also justify,” said Pirrín.

“I need justice to play its role and for justice to be able to determine if Pirrin, at some point, has had something to do with any of those people,” he said.


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