Deputy Prime Minister Hong confesses that he has been writing for 4 years and now the country is empty [사설]

Deputy Prime Minister of Economy Hong Nam-ki said on the 6th, “The barns of the country are empty.” At the Special Committee on Budget and Settlement of the National Assembly that day, Ko Min-jung, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea, asked a question, “What is the reason for piling up grain in the country’s warehouse?” The Deputy Prime Minister of Economy, who was in charge of Korea’s warehouse, frankly confessed that the government’s finances were in an emergency situation. In fact, the Moon Jae-in administration has spent the last four years spending a lot of money. The national debt stood at 660 trillion won in 2017 and is expected to exceed 1,068 trillion won next year. Deputy Prime Minister Hong served as Deputy Prime Minister for Economy since the end of 2018, and organized the budget ten times. It is responsible for backing the government’s lax amount of money. As long as he confessed that “the country’s barns are empty”, it is right to take responsibility for it. Deputy Prime Minister Hong’s remaining mission is to improve financial soundness by preventing generous money from being loosed.

However, if you look at the words and actions of Deputy Prime Minister Hong, he is poised to ignore that mission. He also said, “I am thinking of normalizing the basic financial management from 2023.” The current government will continue to release money until next year, so the next government will take care of filling the country’s treasury. In fact, the budget for next year is 604 trillion won, an increase of 46 trillion won from this year. the largest ever. Deputy Prime Minister Hong blames the COVID-19 crisis, but if you look at the budget, it becomes clear that it is an excuse. It is said that it will spend 23 trillion won only on young people in the name of monthly rent and tuition support. It is said that it will create 1,050,000 part-time jobs by organizing a 31 trillion won job budget. Fiscal soundness will be greatly improved if only this type of populist budget, which is suspected of being used for next year’s presidential election, is reduced.

Loyalty money loosening only fuels national conflict. Such is the situation with the disaster aid, which has been receiving applications since the 6th to pay 88% of the people. Controversy over equity is serious, saying that only one-income earners who own a house of 1.5 billion won receive support, and the dual-income earners who live in Jeonse are rejected. If the budget had been targeted and supported by those suffering from COVID-19, the effect would have been maximized and there would have been no wastage of the budget. Deputy Prime Minister Hong should bet his post and stop wasting the budget.
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