Delay Doomsday, Scientists Prefer to Do It This Way

CALIFORNIA – In the near future NASA will fly a spacecraft that will intercept asteroid that threatens the earth. This method turned out to be very effective in delaying the destruction of the earth from an asteroid attack.

Physicist from Johns Hopkins University in Maryland, Patrick King says this method is like creating a line of defense from outside attacks. Once the asteroid is on a collision course with Earth, this ‘weapon’ will blow the space rock to smithereens.

“This latest calculation shows that such defenses are very effective in protecting the earth from asteroid strikes when the time of impact is less than one year,” he was quoted as saying. Science Alert.

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The models created by the researchers saw a 1-megaton nuclear bomb hitting an asteroid 100 meters (328 feet) wide could reduce the risk of the apocalypse.

Lima orbit asteroid different ones are analyzed, then detonated from a week to six months before the collision with the earth.

For a scenario where we could hit an asteroid two months ahead of forecast, it would disintegrate to about 0.1 percent of its original mass.

King admitted it was the last choice scientists would choose. Because researchers prefer to deflect asteroids from Earth earlier because it is considered safer.

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