Defense Zone 3 HD – Trailer

Welcome to the long-awaited sequel to the popular action/strategy game! New weapons, scenery and options galore!


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  1. when for ios, dont say comming soon give us a day .. we all want to play this game so bad i am one of this crazy guy who likes to play defense games this game so cool cant wait for it

  2. "new turrets" you say? all I see is a new design, if you added only one more turret I would be already happy
    I really love this game, can't wait for the pc version

  3. Interesting, the graphic style (style, not quality) seems to go back a bit to the raw look of DZ1.
    I do hope the sound design for the PC version is as good as DZ2.
    I'm not a fan of seeing units (tanks, APC's etc) overlap each other. I'd like to see 3d consistency so they bump into each other and have to drive around burned out units etc.
    I also feel that the swarms can get a bit too dense. After playing twenty levels or so one starts to see past the images and gameplay and it just becomes a math balancing exercise where slowing the units down and exposing them to as much weapon fire as possible is the job.
    Finally, I once played a non cartoony (hate cartoony tower defence games) tower defence game on my old iPhone 3Gs that had a fairly open map and it's far more satisfying to being able to dictate the path the units take by creating a path with tower placements rather than them just sticking to the same path and also not shooting back.
    As far as grphics, sound, unit and weapon design, your work is the best there is for tower defence games Artem but could you put some thought into expanded production that focuses on PC and consoles and makes it a real puzzle where the map is open, the units have to be 'channelled' by strategic tower emplacement and where the towers need to be repaired/replaced as the units fire back in defence as they make their way through. There is a huge gap in the market for that kind of game Artem and I think you are the man to do it and it would sell really well. I'd be willing to pay full price for such a pc game. $30 no problem.

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