Decimal Fractions and Decimals – Maths CM1 – CM2 – 6ème – Cycle 3

# decimalfractions # decimalnumbers #learningnation #education #homeschool Decimal fractions and decimal numbers describe new numbers to overcome the insufficiency of whole numbers, in particular to measure lengths. The graduated ruler is one of the first encounters students have with decimal numbers. This video for cycle 3 students (CM1, CM2, 6e) is an introduction to decimal fractions and decimal numbers. A decimal fraction is a division of one unit into a number of parts equal to a power of 10 (10, 100, 1000, etc.). A decimal number is a number that can be written as a decimal fraction. These concepts are complex and require a long work over the whole cycle 3. Viewing the video is obviously not sufficient and only constitutes an outline of these chapters. Find all of Master Lucas’ videos by visiting his site: As well as this lesson: -cm2 / My advice: It is not easy to imagine decimal fractions or decimal numbers. We must then start from concrete situations. For decimal fractions, I recommend starting with parts or cut bands in order to realize that they are only partitions by 10, 100, 1000, etc. Using the ruler and lengths is also a way to manipulate decimals with palpable tools before entering conceptualization. Skill: – Produce and use various representations of simple fractions and decimals. – Use and represent decimals. Who is this video for: Level: CM1 – CM2 – 6e Subject: math CM1, math CM2, maths 6th Course: math, mathematics, numeration, numbers, master calculations Lucas has been a teacher for many years. He has taught at all levels of preschool and elementary school in Europe and the United States. He also obtained a teaching award in New York. Today, he takes care of teacher training, but is always available to offer new videos to his subscribers :-).


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