December (gift) tip: puzzles for charity

Still looking for a December gift for a puzzle fanatic? Or in need of a relaxing jigsaw puzzle to fill the long winter evenings? We love to tip this unique puzzle from Wasgij, with which you contribute to the work of Team Alzheimer.

Team Alzheimer

A shocking fact: every ten minutes a patient with dementia is added. Although the number of patients is expected to continue to rise, unfortunately there is still no cure for this devastating disease. That is why it is so important that more research can be done on Alzheimer’s.

And that is precisely the goal of Team Alzheimer, a collaboration between the Alzheimer Center in Amsterdam and the business community. The Alzheimer Team is committed to funds so that more scientific research can be done on all forms of dementia. With their innovative projects, they can not only raise money, but also draw more attention to the disease that has profound consequences for so many people.

Unique puzzle

One such project is the launch of a new Wasgij puzzle. Do you know these surprising jigsaw puzzles, where you have to puzzle something different than what is shown on the front of the box? The unique Team Alzheimer’s puzzle is a light-hearted way of symbolizing the confusion people with Alzheimer’s experience and the change a person undergoes over the years. In addition, you can lend a hand with the puzzle itself, because for every puzzle sold, 5 euros is donated to the Alzheimer Center. The beautiful puzzle is exclusively available at You can watch one of the campaign videos here:

As a gift or for yourself

In our opinion, this is a good tip for anyone who also wants to think about charity during Christmas shopping, whether you give the puzzle as a gift or keep it for yourself. In addition, you keep your own brain fit and you train your memory by doing a jigsaw puzzle every now and then, so you also benefit from trying the 1000 pieces of this puzzle. Extra fun (and challenging!) is that you have to use your own imagination with this puzzle and that even the biggest fanatics will have fun with it for a while. Hop in your online shopping cart!



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