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Debenhams will close all stores and eliminate 12,000 jobs

by drbyos

The announcement came shortly after British online fashion group Bohoo announced that it had acquired Debenhams’ intellectual property, allowing it to use its brands.

Debenhams administrators say the company ‘s stores will be reopened to sell stocks after the measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus are lifted in the UK.

With the opening of these stores, Debenhams’ website will be managed by Bohoo.

The sale of goods in stores will continue for several weeks until all stocks of goods are sold, after which the stores will be closed completely.

A source close to the company said it would mean the loss of around 12,000 jobs.

Debenhams, founded in 1813, went bankrupt in December.

The company began liquidation proceedings after the British sportswear company JD Sports suspended negotiations on the acquisition of a supermarket chain.

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