DEATH VAN (animated space-rock adventure)

The space-rock duo DEATH VAN travels through a miniature world inhabited by surreal creatures haunted by a menacing and rogue entity. Director Michael Enzbrunner Project Assistant: Helge Henning ( Screenplay Consultant: Adam Gurfinkel Sound: Kevin Swartz This project was generously supported and funded by the Toronto Animated Image Society (, The Petman Foundation and the Toronto Arts Council. Distribution: Autour de Minuit ( Awards: Coney Island Film Festival, Coney Island 2018: Best Animation Open World Animation Festival, Allentown 2018: Voyager Award (Best in Show) Cardiff Mini Film Festival 2019: Best International Animation MIFF, Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival – Melbourne / USA 2018: Best Animation Midwest Action Fest 2019: Most Original Film Award Midwest Weird Fest 2019: Best Animation Bucharest ShortCut CineFest, Bucharest 2018: Best Animation THAILAND Animation Presentation, Toronto 2017: Audience Choice Award Simple Shorts: Animation Salation , Brisbane 2018: Audience Choice Award London X4, Seasonal Short Film Festival 2018: Winner of Sci-Fi / Fantasy Short & Best Film Originality First Hermetic International Film Festival 2019: Best Music Video Special Programs: OIAF – Ottawa International Animation Festival 2018 “Panorama of Canada” ITFS Animation Film Festival Stuttgart 2018 “Best ad animated music videos “Anifilm 2018” Midnight Animation “A rs Electronica Animation Festival 2018 ‘Best of Computer Animation’ Roanne Animation Film Festival 2019 ‘Midnight Specials’ Filmfest Dresden – Seriously! WTF? 2019 Siggraph Traveling Show GTC 2019 Vimeo Staff Pick, January 2018 Official Selection: Annecy International Animated Film Festival 2018 Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (SICAF) 2018 SIGGRAPH 2018 Computer Animation Festival Electronic Theater 2018 BFI London Film Festival 2018 VIS – Vienna Shorts Festival 2018 Wiesbaden International Animation Week 2018 OFF – ODENSE International Film Festival 2018 FAB Animation Festival 2018 VOID – International Animation Film Festival 2018 Linoleum International Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival 2018 International Animation Film Festival 2017 TIAF – Taichung International Animation Festival 2018 3D Wire Market 2018 Golden Kuker 2018 CLICK Amsterdam Animation Festival 2018 Florida Animation Festival 2018: Finalist Anim’est – International Animation Film Festival 2018 Longue vue sur le court 2018 Supertoon International Animation Festival 2018 Insomnia International Animation Film Festival 2018 Supernova Digital Animat Montreal International Animated Film Festival, ANIMAZE 2018 STIFF – Cartoons and Bloody Mary Animation Festival 2018 Edinburgh Short Film Festival 2018 Ouchy Film Awards 2018 Third Eye Film Festival 2018 Boston Underground Film Festival 2018 Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2018 International Film Festival 2018 Tripoteca – Psychedelic Film and Art Festival 2018 Reading and Leeds Festivals 2018 Lund Fantastic Film Festival 2018 ReAnima Festival 2018 Black Sea Film Festival 2018 Toronto New Wave 2018 Hell De Janeiro (Int. Horror and Terror Film Festival) 2018 Chaniartoon 2018 Tucson Film and Music Festival 2018 South Texas Underground Film Festival 2018 AnimaSyros 2018 Weird Film Fest 2018 AFME Albuquerque Film & Music Experience 2018 (1st place, best animation) Brighton Rocks Film Festival 2018: Finalist International Music Video Underground 2018: Finalist Manchester Animation Festival 2018 KUKI Int. Short Film Festival or Children and Youth Berlin 2018 Spark Animaton 2018 St Cloud Film Festival 2018 FKM Fantastic Film Festival of A Coruña 2018 Milwaukee Film Festival 2018 Planet 9 Film Fest 2018 PÖFF Shorts (Black Nights Film Festival) 2018 Shiver International Film Festival 2018 Cucalorus Film Festival 2018 Multivision Festival 2018 Animattikon Project 2018 Render: The Vancouver International Music Video Festival 2018 London International Animation Festival 2018 Bucharest Film Awards 2018 East Van Showcase: The Haunted Saloon 2018 CutOut Fest 2018 Chaktomuk Short Film Festival 2018 Animation Chico 2018 Anilogue International Animation Festival 2018 Panama Animation Fest 2018 Saskatoon Fantastic Film Festival 2018 Mediterranean Film Festival 2018 Anima Brussels 2019 Dumbo Film Festival 2018 Melbourne Short Film Festival 2019 Animation Marathon 2018 Eurocinema Film Festival 2019 SHORT to the point 2019 Lost Sanity Film Fest 2019 Mecal Pro 2019 TAAFI 2019 Film Festival Dresden 2019 Wei rd Col. map day 2019 Athens Animfest 2019 La Truca 2019


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