De la Madrid proposes controversial proposal to eradicate poverty – El Financiero

Enrique de la Madridcandidate for the presidential candidacy for 2024, maintained that in order to resolve the serious situation of poverty in Mexico it is necessary “adopt a Mexican”.

“I do believe that a Mexican, that each of us assume responsibility for, at least, the life of one more Mexican,” he said.

During his intervention in the Sabina Berman program “Largo Aliento”, the priista assured that the problem is not that it exists concentration of wealth in Mexico, but that there are so many poor people.

“I said it two years ago, I am convinced that no matter how much we make the best public policies during the next 30-40 years the level of poverty is such accumulated that it is not enough that it is a good government”, he pointed out.

For this reason, he explained how this initiative could be carried out: “That each of us assume joint responsibility for the life of at least one more Mexican, for example, today that girl lives in a poor family and cannot finish primary school. .. I know the payment. That person, for example, has no one to give them a math class and it turns out that I am a talented young man and I can be your tutor online, I give it to you”.

To top it off, from Madrid assured that this proposal has promoted her for years and, although she did not say it openly, everything indicates that it will be one of her promises towards the 2024 elections.

After her statements, Sabina Berman stressed that there are few in the country who can afford to “adopt a Mexican.” In addition, she called De la Madrid’s proposal “perverse” by assuming that Mexico needs a “poor people’s adoption system” to end poverty.

But the one who showed a deep disagreement with the PRI was the economist Viridiana Ríos, who was also a guest on the program.

“The poor do not need you to adopt them (…) what they need is a institutionalized support situation to help them get out of this situation of oppression that has occurred on their own,” he reiterated.

Given this, he admitted that one of the administrations that has done something for this sector is the current government: “No president in the history of this country had managed to get more people out of poverty than López Obrador and the reason is that the few who they are receiving receive up to double what they previously received”.


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