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Day Is Done (the day is over, in English) is a folk song by British singer-songwriter Nick Drake, recorded on his 1is album Five Leaves Left from 1969[1],[2],[3]. It was taken over with success in jazz version by Norah Jones, in 2001, one of his first most famous international successes.[4],[5].

Nick Drake is a 20-year-old Cambridge University student when he composes, writes and records (unsuccessfully) the 1is of his 3 albums, Five Leaves Left in 1968, at the Sound Techniques studio in London, inspired by the 1is album Songs of Leonard Cohen de Leonard Cohen, de 1967.

The title is resumed with success by the American singer Norah Jones, in jazz version, for her pre-debut album and unofficial recordings Stay With Me (stay with me) from 2001, in New York, accompanied by the Charlie Hunter jazz quartet, composed of[6],[7],[8],[9] :

Her next first official album Come Away with Me (Come with me) of 2002 is a dazzling international success, selling over 25 million copies (with five Grammy Awards in 2003, best record, best album, best song, and revelation of the year …).

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