Day care places: Funding notification for one million euros

(Symbol photo: Pixabay)

The Offenbach district supports organizations in creating new or maintaining subsidized childcare places for children under six years of age.

For the new construction of the municipal day care center in Badstrasse in Obertshausen, the city of Obertshausen will receive a grant of one million euros from the federal government’s childcare financing 2020/2021 investment program. District councilor Carsten Müller presented the relevant funding notification to the mayor of Obertshausen Manuel Friedrich on Friday morning at the official groundbreaking ceremony.

A new building is being built on the site of the swimming pool in Badstrasse. Four groups for children up to three years will move into the single-storey building, which is planned to be modular. A total of 48 childcare places will be created. The total costs for the new building are estimated at a good two million euros.

“We provide funding wherever we can,” says District Councilor Carsten Müller, “because childcare places are currently very scarce everywhere. A total of around nine million euros from various federal and state programs are available for the current funding period. “

(Text: PM Kreis Offenbach)

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