Darts World Cup: Max Hopp and Gabriel Clemens win in the “Hexenkessel” – darts

“It was a cauldron for everyone involved.”

Darts professional Max Hopp (25) after beating Canada.


Relief in Jena!

Darts Germany celebrates the Team World Cup with Hopp and Gabriel Clemens (38), who are in the 2nd round of the World Cup of Darts 2021.

Photo: DAZN

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There they are in each other’s arms: Clemens and Hopp after the match dartsPhoto: DAZN

In front of the great home atmosphere in Jena, the German arrow stars show their nerves at first, but win against Jeff Smith and Matt Campbell (“Ginga Ninja”) 5: 3 in the end.

At 10:09 p.m. Hopp turned the 1st match dart into double 20. A feat of strength in nerves!

Hopp: “We are people. We both already have the Ally Pally (World Cup cult venue in London, ed.) experienced in front of a full hut, but personally I haven’t played in front of spectators for a long time. Nerves are part of it. “

The scene of the game is indicative of this: With a score of 2: 2, Hopp has 48 points remaining – and misses the board on the first try.

Clemens: “You’re not really happy as a teammate. But he agreed. ”With his second and third arrows, he sets it to 3: 2 (the winner needs five legs).

Hopp loosely: “Whoever scores is right. I’m not ashamed of it. ”Then they get their game – and their nerves – under better control.

Great atmosphere in the Sparkassen-Arena in Jena! German darts fans celebrate “Oh how is that nice” even before the match. Hopp even sings the hymn softly on stage.

When asked by BILD, he reveals: “Maybe I used it to cover up the nervousness.”

The game starts with a few double mistakes in the German team, with the 1: 1 leg equalization, Hopp clenches his fist for the first time.

No question: After the great semi-finals last year, the pressure in front of your own audience is great. The relief is all the greater. Germany meets Japan on Saturday evening.

Clemens: “We will try to pick up the mood – and we will approach it seriously. We are certainly favorites. “

The two arrow stars continue in the evening session (from 7 p.m. / DAZN).


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