Darmstadt confirms its commitment to ambitious climate protection

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As a member of the European city network Climate Alliance, the City of Science Darmstadt supports the adoption of the Climate Alliance Charter at the general meeting on September 8th.

“As the City of Science Darmstadt, together with more than 1,800 member cities and communities from all over Europe, we are sending a strong signal for more ambitious and fair climate protection. Because it is clear that we have to fight man-made climate change not only globally, but also locally, where we ourselves can take concrete and direct action and initiate appropriate measures. We have already given a lot of important and correct impulses in Darmstadt, for example the climate protection concept and with the master plan 2030+ we have drawn a comprehensive, modern, ecological and socially fair vision of our city, on which we are working continuously and purposefully, ”says Mayor Jochen Partsch .

Michael Kolmer, Head of Climate Change, adds: “In the Climate Alliance, we are excellently networked with other municipalities across Europe who are fighting the negative changes on our planet just as we are. With the new charter, we are jointly showing what fair climate protection can look like locally and we are setting ourselves specific goals that we can work towards and, above all, mutually benefit from our experience to achieve them. “

The charter paves the future path for the network and its members in municipal climate protection. It also opens up a target corridor through which municipalities can strive for more ambitious emissions targets. Darmstadt welcomes the recommendations for action contained therein for the local level as the basis for a sustainable and equitable transformation process.

Darmstadt has been a member of the Climate Alliance since 1995. The network has been committed to local climate protection for more than 30 years and is the largest European city network that promotes comprehensive and fair climate protection measures and combines a local approach with global responsibility.

For 30 years, the member communities of Climate Alliance and their indigenous partners in the rainforests have been campaigning for the world’s climate. With more than 1,800 members from 27 European countries, the Climate Alliance is the world’s largest network of cities dedicated to climate protection and the only one that sets specific goals: Each Climate Alliance municipality has committed itself to converting its greenhouse gas emissions every five years reduce ten percent. Since our lifestyle has a direct impact on particularly threatened peoples and places on earth, the Climate Alliance combines local action with global responsibility. More information at www.klimabuendnis.org.

(Text: City of Science Darmstadt)

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