Dani Martín’s darts to Real Madrid

The famous singer and renowned mattress maker, Dani Martin, was one of the winners in the presentation of the V tournament of cadets of Alalpardo, the town where he was born and lived until he was 25 years old. During the award ceremony, he left some darts to the eternal rival of the Atlético de Madrid, the Real Madrid.

The singer was excited about the season of Atlético de Madrid after the last reinforcements made and left a message about the works of the Bernabeu. “There is another team in Madrid that has the stadium under construction and it is not known when they will be able to play.”

Dani he also did not want to leave the opportunity to joke with his own Enrique Cerezo, president of the Atlético de Madrid, which was another of the guests at the Awards Gala. “Look at the presi who was late because he was signing Mbappe“Joked the singer.

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About him Atlético de Madrid He also assured what his dream would be: “My dream would be to do a concert at the Wanda. And paying for the rent so that my team continues to grow and make good signings ”.

Finally he joked because they saw him recently at the stadium Alfonso Pérez seeing the Getafe, in theory together with Melendi. “No, I did not go with Melendi If I go with him, the plane falls. I was watching Getafe because Michel he is my friend ”, concluded his speech.

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