Danes are allowed to party and cuddle again: ‘I missed the sense of community’

In Denmark, the last corona restrictions have been abolished as of today. The Danish government no longer sees corona as a critical threat to society. With that, parties in the disco, morning singing at school and the Danish embrace are back again.

At the Gribskov gymnasium, for students between the ages of 15 and 18, everyone is clearly ready for a new beginning. The students have gathered in the auditorium, with a large stage where concerts and cultural evenings are held. Rector Kristoffer Høj Sidenius grabs the microphone: “School parties and a youth festival are being held again,” he says enthusiastically. “Now we’re having morning singing. And before I forget, we also have a pop-up bulletin street at school today in room 14. I know most of you are vaccinated, but if not, you can drop by there.”

In room 14, four care providers from the Danish GGD in white uniform are ready. But no one has come in yet. Then Dashti Taishi and classmate Sebastian Steensen trickle in. They hadn’t realized that they were the only unvaccinated in the class, and the social pressure started to mount. “But it’s my own decision,” Taishi says. “I like to travel and that’s easy if you’re vaccinated.”

Correspondent Rolien Creton gauges the mood on the streets in Copenhagen:

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