Friday September 17, 2021 at 12:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. on Rennes Fine Arts Museum will host the show DIMENSIONS. Created and performed by the artistic co-directors of the association Indiscernable Robin Gwenolé, Sandy den Hartog and Sarah Kuntz, this performance blows a heritage wind in the landscape of contemporary dance. The trio’s bet: highlighting heritage by reinventing it through its choreographies while offering an experience ” participatory, fun and original To the viewer.

Association Indiscernable is both a performance company and a production structure for dance films. Its objective is to create various projects related to contemporary dance while taking it out of its purely scenic setting.

The trio, sensitive to the link between contemporary dance and different spaces, has always felt the desire to create a show that can adapt to different places in order to highlight them. This is how, over time, DIMENSIONS was born.

Originally, the show was supposed to help fund the company’s future film. However, very quickly overwhelmed and totally thrilled by the project, the three artists really got into the game and DIMENSIONS has become a full-fledged project in which they have invested body and soul. Indeed, the troupe has been working on this show for a little over a year. Robin Gwenolé believes, however, that the latter still has many surprises in store: ” Since it is an evolving show depending on the places that host it, we have the freedom to continue to create it. ».

The particularity of this performance is that it is adaptive and modular according to the spaces that host it. The aim is to show the dance to the public in a different way. Through its choreographies, the trio wants to bring people to see a different perspective on the place in which they find themselves. To do this, he needs to appropriate the space upstream by systematically asking to visit the place with a person who can tell them and explain it to them.

Credit: Emilie Guilland – Photographer

the Museum of Fine Arts from Rennes has also deeply touched the three artists because: ” it is a place that wishes to reinvent itself by adapting to its audience. He has always sought to destroy this institutional image. This is exactly the philosophy of our show. ” Explain Robin Gwenolé. For the latter, the show in itself does not carry a message, the spectator is free to imagine what he wants. It is the poetic scope of the action that has meaning: ” Contemporary dance brings an extra soul to the places invested. These have their own history and the idea is that a link, another feeling is created with the spectators so that the place which hosts this kind of event detaches itself from its primary function. ».

For Sarah Kuntz, who loves the stage, dancing outside and investing in different places are quite another exercise. She explains : ” Not dancing on a stage is totally different. It’s like taking out the dance in order to bring it to the audience. And then, it’s not the same representation, because the light is not the same as on stage, the ground can be irregular, the notion of space is different. You have to adapt, that’s the whole challenge “. And Robin Gwenolé to add: ” Concert halls, operas or theaters are globally important cultural inventions because they have made it possible to give the arts their letters of nobility and to institutionalize them. But these spaces can sometimes become a prison. One of the great general and human dimensions of art that we must reconnect with is that of going where people are ”.

Indistinguishable company reindeer dimensional show
Credit: Emilie Guilland – Photographer

The three artists thus seek to reinvent themselves by getting out of their comfort zone and taking risks in the places they invest. This is how they find the most appropriate way to link creation with spaces. Analyzing performance after the fact is also important to achieve this accuracy. The trio is also aware that, from one audience to another, the exchange can be more or less intense. But it is a risk that they welcome with open arms.

For Robin, the notion of responsibility is intrinsically linked to his profession as an artist. He makes a point of supporting his two partners: “ When I work, my first responsibility is neither towards the public nor towards the programmers. It is towards my colleagues. I am a professional, I have to do the job. As a musician, I am there to support and support the dancers. »

This rigor, shared by Sandy and Sarah, does not curb their penchant for lightness and humor. Indeed, they want to make DIMENSIONS a light and fun performance for all audiences. All three are filled with immense joy at the idea of ​​going out to meet the spectators: “ We especially feel the joy, the excitement and a little pressure to be in front of the audience. It is a great pleasure. Sarah confides.

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