Dada hani Felixe! This was not out of his head, Patras says

From this exchange of views, one’s head goes by! At the same time, it seemed that the quarrels between the still couple would subside. Dad however, about a month ago, she announced her plans for a music project that should include the whole family, including Felix. That was the last straw for the musician, so he came up with a very sharp expression! “It’s a chimera. Until she starts healing from drinking, there’s no point in dealing with it. “ revealed then Slováček diary Blesk.

Anička’s baptism: Dad came, she didn’t invite mom! And why František earned more than Jan.

Felix’s words stabbed Dada like a knife. In the end, however, she objected to his statements: “My husband is known to be a pathological liar. Moreover, this was not in his head, but he was vaccinated against me. Guess whose head these lies came from, think about it. “ the actress, who still stands behind her, reacted no less sharply.

“I don’t care who says what, we function as a family and no words will divide us. It is definitely not true that my husband and children cut me off. We all meet together, “ added Patras.

Gott he has no psychotests and is out of work. And Dada will take revenge on Felix, not by divorce!

However, Dada Patrasová’s partner, the Italian handsome Vito, whom she has not seen for two years, is soon to appear on the scene! “We are still in daily contact and Vito will soon arrive in the Czech Republic. I won’t say when, we want privacy. “ Patras explained.


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