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Theater trailer for THE CYCLOPS (1957). Read all about the 50-year history of Chicago TV horror hosts and …


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  1. I remember this one from ages ago, having been raised on TV's "Creature Features" fare. I once viewed this "wunderbar" production along w/ my Auntie Gloria (who portrayed the character of Susan Winter) when it was first released on video and she provided some running commentary to it, e.g. when she tripped while running ("That's right, fall down, be a good girl, do as you're told, earn your salary", etc.). Good gravy, but she could sure scream her lungs out; I'm surprised that her vox-box didn't explode. The guys were pretty first rate as well, and so was everything else, from the animals to the special f/x. It's such a classy act in that it's so bad it's great! BTW, something of trivial note is that Jack Young, the special makeup creator for the title character, was also responsible for the primary application of the green paint job to film character actress Margaret Hamilton in her role as the Wicked Witch of the West in the movie musical, “The Wizard of Oz”. Two very scary appearances.

  2. Bert I Gordon must have found bald men to be especially horrible, since he has three different movies which feature bald giants as monsters: This one, "The Amazing Colossal Man", and its sequel "War Of The Colossal Beast". And a shout out to Dean Parkin, who played the title character in two of them.

  3. @robphilll22 Well, back in the day, Bert I Gordon was doing his own special effects and he used double-exposures instead of some kind of matting process like blue-screen that would have been too expensive for his budget, so he had to try to make his giants look as pale as possible because parts too dark (like black hair) would become transparent. THE AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN made the same year was his best case for this technique. That's why he's wearing a white diaper and is completely bald.

  4. A group of "modern-day" humans reach an island that time forgot, the female lead is captured by an enormous sapient beast infatuated with her beauty, and the male lead and the supporting cast go off on a trek through the wilds of the island, against giant lizards and insects, to save the woman?

    Seriously, I've never seen a more deliberate King Kong ripoff in my life.

  5. @ACLTony -At the end, they throw a flaming spear into his good eye–which buys them just enought time to increase the thrust in the small plane so that they barely escape above the monsters outstretched hand.

  6. Was this or was this not the Amazing Colossal Man/Colossal Beast after he got A-bombed for the 2nd time?

    Or is this a DIFFERENT giant mutant-faced guy? Maybe there was a bunch of 'em wandering around back then.

    Well, regardless, I watch with a mixture of amusement and dismay as the large fringed lizard is tossed into the frame at :36 to presumably fight with the other reptile (gila monster?) which is already there. Nowadays, fortunately, animal rights people wouldn't allow this.

  7. wildganger is right, Dean Parkin played the cyclops, though not credited. He also played the Colossal Beast ( in place of Glenn Langan) in the sequel to "The Amazing Colossal Man."

  8. I saw this movie second run in 1963 at the Burien Theater, since torn down.

    That same actress was in a lot of movies then.
    Now I can use Google to find out she was Gloria Talbott, early scream queen.

    The thing I remember most clearly from being 12 years old, was that the 15 foot tall cyclops wore leaves or skins for clothes, but I could see that he also had on brief underwear.

    But Princess Leah had feminine product failure on her white dress.

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