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Cycling. Worlds on track: Roubaix, track with the stars for the Blues? . Sport

by drbyos

The little queen is still at the party in Roubaix (North). No more cobblestones, make way for the velodrome. After a contrasted Olympiad with two bronze medals and European championships in Granges (Switzerland) successful (10 medals including two titles), the trackers will be honored during the Worlds, from October 20 to 24.

“On a positive dynamic”

The tricolor arrows will make their last laps of the season. History to complete an extended season, with a tight and exhausting schedule.

History, also, to close the chapter of an Olympic year while projecting on the next Olympiad in Paris. “We go there with ambitions. We aim for between three and five medals, notes Steven Henry, the French trainer on endurance events. The post-Olympic championships are always special. We are on a positive dynamic but the endurance events, in the peloton, are very uncertain. “

With his counterpart Herman Terryn, technician in the sprint events, Steven Henry has ambitions from this Wednesday on the team pursuit with the bronze medalist trio in Tokyo (Florian Grengbo, Sébastien Vigier, Rayan Helal). “We are aiming for the last square”, he warns.

“Mathilde Gros is reassured by her condition”

The ambitions will be identical for Benjamin Thomas on the points race and not the omnium where he was adorned with gold during the last Worlds in Berlin (Germany). But also for Marie Le Net and Clara Copponi on the American. Marion Borras, Victoire Berteau and Valentine Fortin, medalists in Switzerland, will not be left out. “We have a feeling of disappointment and frustration at certain events at the Olympics. We want to redeem ourselves. Many teams are getting on their way to the Olympics, the plateau will be very high. Places are going to be expensive. It’s going to be a real test. “, exposes the coach who is wary of Italian and British armadas whether in men or women in endurance.

Mathilde Gros, during the last Olympic Games. © REUTERS

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On the sprint events, Mathilde Gros, the only French representative, will be in the spotlight. Taken by the stake in Tokyo (13e du keirin, 9e in individual speed), she redeemed herself by winning bronze in speed. Mathilde is reassured by her condition. His medal galvanized him. If she runs free, there is something to be done. We will have to be physically strong. Because with the sequence of international events, the key is surely there, warns Hermann Terryn who will be attentive to the French troops facing those from Holland and Germany.

A first battle to win in the perspective of Paris 2024. A last for the experienced and talented Morgan Kneisky (four world titles including three on the American) who will end his career on Sunday. Where the art of knowing how to close the loop.

The French selection:

Men’s sprint : Tom Derache (replacement), Florian Grengbo, Rayan Helal, Sébastien Vigier. Ladies Sprint : Mathilde Gros. Endurance men : Thomas Boudat, Thomas Denis, Donavan Grondin, Morgan Kneisky, Valentin Tabellion, Benjamin Thomas. Ladies endurance : Victoire Berteau, Marion Borras, Clara Copponi, Valentine Fortin, Marie Le Net.


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