Cyberpunk 2077 Player Finds Hidden Message With Gifts From Developers | Games

Fan Cyberpunk 2077 In the process of studying the rooftops, Knight City discovered a hidden message that the developers left behind. He featured it in a video posted on reddit.

When landing on one of the rooftops, the message “Well Done” appears on its surface. There are also two chests with items. According to the user who discovered the Easter egg, a bug on flying with the help of a katana helped him climb to the height. To play it, you need to pick up a sword, then hide it by double-clicking on Y and immediately exit the menu. There you need to remove the katana from your hands and return it back. Upon returning to the game, the weapon will become invisible. If you look up and quickly press the hit button, the hero will take off.

The release took place on August 18 global patch 1.3 for Cyberpunk 2077. He fixed many bugs and other problems, as well as made a number of changes to various elements of the game and added three free DLCs. After the release of the update players found a way make Johnny Silverhand partially invisible.



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