Curse of Parents and children that would have suffered actors; what is it about

The series, which marked the lives of many Colombians in their youth, became an acting showcase, but many of the protagonists do not have a good time.

‘Padres e hijos’ is a series that almost every Colombian has referenced. The adventures of the Franco family, the decisions of young people and what a Bogota family was like, was installed on television afternoons for several years.

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However, actors and actresses, whom we all remember from their time in this series, did not have a good time or were excluded from television, in what is for many like a curse: Ana María Beltrán, Naren Daryanani, Andrés Fierro, Haydée Ramírez, Rafael Londoño.

The reality is that the “curse” of not acting again has taken several of the protagonists of Padres e hijos who have even gone through legal trouble.

Esteban from ‘Padres e hijos’, in trouble for violence

This is the case of Andrés Fierro, remembered by Esteban from ‘Padres e hijos’, Gabriela’s son and who was the ‘crush’ of many Colombian women, who became famous in the novel for his beauty, but who in real life has returned to be the focus in the media due to the allegations of alleged domestic violence made by the actress Zulma Rey at the time and the complaint for alleged neglect of the care of her son with a former participant of the Challenge, Natali Ortiz.

Fierro was not seen again in the acting environment and his projects were linked to the scandals he endures in his emotional life.

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Naren Daryanani almost died and was left in poverty

The actor Naren Daryanani, Federico Franco in the dramatized, has not had a good time, despite the fact that his career continued some time later and was consolidated in the 90s as a leading man, his health played a trick on him.

A soccer game left him without a testicle, after a rival goalkeeper hit him in his private parts. The actor, who had ideas of working on television projects, did not undergo surgery and waited three months for the situation to improve.

Unfortunately, the issue got out of control and the Bogotá actor ended up losing his testicle and facing a health problem that made him lose almost 30 kilos and all the money he had saved. The actor assured that he almost died after the surgery that should have been simple.

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Haydée Ramírez, the protagonist who did not sound again

Despite the fact that the woman was the protagonist of the series, after the resignation of Luz Stella Luengas, she did not shine again like other characters.

The beloved Gabriela from ‘Padres e hijos’ participated in novels such as ‘Corazón valiente’, ‘Who killed Patricia Soler’ and ‘Esmeraldas’, but she could not consolidate her career much longer and today she is out of the spotlight of the performance.

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