Current heating oil prices in Offenbach am Main: You should consider this when you order heating oil

You can read here on how the prices for heating oil in your area develop daily, how much heating oil is consumed in Hesse and what you have to look out for when ordering heating oil.

How are heating oil prices currently developing? Image: Adobe – VRD

The energy situation in Germany has not only changed since the war in Ukraine, and yet last year we spoke in detail here for the first time about prices, consumption and savings opportunities for Germany’s top resource gas. One energy source, which is still important for many households in winter, was less of a focus: heating oil.
Heating oil prices, delivery times and forecasts for price developments fluctuate constantly in the Federal Republic and differ not only from day to day, but sometimes also very strongly from city to city. In Hesse, 100 liters cost an average daily updated 89.99 euros. How exactly is the heating oil price in Offenbach am Main and what are the current delivery times?

Heating oil price overview according to order quantity: Very low heating oil prices in Offenbach am Main on May 11, 2023

If you buy heating oil now, you pay an average of 100 liters in the city of Offenbach am Main 88,70 Euro. This puts the price in Offenbach am Main below the average for Hesse. Note that this value refers to the purchase of 3000 liters. The price varies accordingly if you purchase a different quantity of heating oil.
The data in the table below shows the average price per 100 liters, combining the areas of all postcodes from the entire city district (last updated on 05/11/2023).

quantity purchased Price for 100 liters
500 Liter 100,91 Euro
1000 Liter 93,97 Euro
1500 Liter 90,83 Euro
2000 Liter 89,79 Euro
2500 Liter 89,01 Euro
3000 Liter 88,70 Euro
5000 Liter 87,64 Euro


The heating oil price development in the last month in Offenbach am Main

In order to be able to classify the purchase prices for heating oil correctly, it is always worth taking a look at the price development. The table below gives you an overview of the average prices in Offenbach am Main in the last month. The starting point here is a purchased quantity of 3000 liters and the price given is for 100 liters.

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Datum Preis
10.05.2023 89,41
09.05.2023 89,59
08.05.2023 90,15
07.05.2023 87,07
06.05.2023 87,04
05.05.2023 87,03
04.05.2023 86,29
03.05.2023 86,87
02.05.2023 90,73
01.05.2023 90,79
30.04.2023 90,66
29.04.2023 90,74
28.04.2023 90,55
27.04.2023 91,09
26.04.2023 92,75
25.04.2023 94,91
24.04.2023 92,27
23.04.2023 93,75
22.04.2023 93,69
21.04.2023 93,68
20.04.2023 94,69
19.04.2023 96,72
18.04.2023 96,46
17.04.2023 97,46
16.04.2023 97,63
15.04.2023 97,69
14.04.2023 97,69
13.04.2023 99,33
12.04.2023 98,88
11.04.2023 98,88

Buy heating oil or wait? Price level, delivery time and purchasing activity

Compared to the average price level of last year, the price level today is very low. Ordering heating oil is currently relatively unproblematic, with the average delivery time in Offenbach am Main currently being 28 working days. The price developments on the market for the city of Offenbach am Main are currently being observed with great interest by consumers. Buying activity is currently high in the urban district. Accordingly, it can be summarized as follows:

price level delivery time purchase activity
very low kurz hoch

State subsidies for heating oil: Up to 2000 euros per household!

As part of the massive cost explosions in the energy sector, the government has also announced subsidy options for heating oil and pellets. However, this does not happen automatically, but must be done by submitting an application. It is currently said that aid of up to 2000 euros can then be paid out per household. Anyone who can prove with an invoice that the price has at least doubled compared to the previous year’s purchase is eligible for a subsidy. However, there is no money from the state if the increase in heating costs compared to the previous year is less than 100 euros.
The application must be submitted to the appropriate authority at federal state level. In the case of a tenancy, the affidavit on the correctness of the fuel bill is submitted by the tenant, to whom the discharge must also be passed on. The federal government is planning a total of 1.8 billion euros for this relief measure. It is reported that the northern German states of Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Hamburg, Bremen and Schleswig-Holstein can apply for help as early as April. Thuringia, on the other hand, is planning to start submitting applications at the beginning of May and the aid is already available in Berlin. For detailed information, it is advisable to visit the website of the respective state ministry. In most cases, either the Ministry of Economy or the Ministry of Social Affairs is responsible.

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Which type of heating oil should you buy?

In addition to the older standard oil, there are now also low-sulphur heating oils as well as bio or premium variants. Although higher-quality oils can deviate from the average prices and thus put a greater strain on the wallet in the short term, they can have a positive effect on the service life of the heating system in the long term. If your heating system has a green cap, you should only use low-sulphur heating oils anyway. However, if you want to switch to Bio or Premium, you are advised to only do this in consultation with a heating professional or the manufacturer of the system.

“How does Germany heat up?” Heating oil consumption in the Federal Republic and in Hesse

The reason for the fluctuating prices lies apart from economic-political developments and the stock market events in the locally different consumption. According to the study by the Federal Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW) “How does Germany heat?” (2019), less than 100,000 residential buildings in Saxony-Anhalt and the three city states are heated with oil, whereas in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia is more than a million. In addition, the age of the heating systems for consumption also plays a role, which, particularly in the south of the state, are often older than 25. It is therefore no wonder that with such different demand, the Price development is affected – and that can be very expensive for many. However, if you prepare well for your heating oil order and always keep an eye on the prices, you can save a lot!
In the Federal Republic of Germany, the proportion in the BDEW study for oil (central heating, oil stoves) in residential buildings is 30.4%. This means that a total of 5.8 million residential buildings in Germany have to be supplied with heating oil. 40% owned by oil heated residential buildings Hesse to the federal states with high consumption. After all, 0.6 million residential buildings continue to use heating oil.

Save heating oil regardless of the price: you can do that

1. Avoid emergency orders: Anyone who waits too long to order will either end up in the cold at some point or will no longer be able to buy at a good price. Therefore, order in good time so that you can observe the fluctuations and decide to buy on a day when the price is cheap.
2. Cooperate with family, neighbors and acquaintances: When ordering heating oil, it is not just the daily price development per liter that is important, but also the quantity that you buy! Talk to neighbors, family members and acquaintances about whether they might want to join forces with you for a collective order. Everyone involved can only benefit from this!
3. Follow the heating oil market all year round: A look into the past shows that particularly low prices cannot be traced back to a specific time of year. In addition to seasonal consumption, global political and global economic developments play a major role. Therefore, check the prices at regular intervals throughout the year so that you don’t miss the right period.
4. Save in the long term through modernization: Compared to old models, modern oil condensing boilers can bring about annual savings in the double-digit percentage range. Switching to other resources also achieves even higher savings yields and is also subsidized by the state.

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The heating oil prices in this article are updated once a day (last on 05/11/2023 at 09:57). Please note that prices can change during the day. Please save this website as a bookmark in your browser to stay informed about the current price developments in Offenbach am Main.

Energy is not only a topic on everyone’s lips, it is now also a question of your wallet: if you are planning to switch from oil to gas, for example, you will also find exciting information about gas consumption here on

+++ Editorial note: The current data on price development and delivery times are provided by and processed automatically by us. Additional information comes from the study “How does Germany heat up?” (2019) of the Federal Association of Energy and Water Management eV (BDEW). If you have any comments or questions, please contact [email protected]. +++

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