Current-gen version of Grand Theft Auto V may be delayed again

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S upgrade of Grand Theft Auto V should have been released in 2021, but due to delays Rockstar has pushed this edition to March this year postponed. This has been known for quite some time and we have heard relatively little about it since the postponement.

However, there is a chance that the game will be pushed forward one more time. data miner Matheusbr9895 reports on Twitter namely that the development of this optimized version is more complicated than anticipated and as a result may again be delayed somewhat.

However, the delay will remain relatively limited, because where the release is planned for March, it could now be April or May. Initially Rockstar wanted to patch the game for the current-gen platforms and then release GTA Online later, but reworking the last-gen version and making the engine future-proof takes more time than expected, which means that a delay may be in the pipeline.

However, it has not been officially confirmed, so we have to wait and see for now.


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