Cupi Cupita Married Rich Businessman Today in Bandung

Jakarta, Insertlive

Cupi Cupita married his fiancé Bintang Bagus today, Friday (19/11) at Transhotel, Bandung.

From the photo received InsertLive, Bintang was seen wearing a white shirt and accompanied by his parents to the ceremony table.

Temporary Cupi Cupita waiting in another room in a white wedding dress complete with a white veil on her head.

From the information received, Cupi Cupita is just getting started process The ceremony is at 13.00 WIB.

For the dowry, Good Star chose to give the precious metal weighing 19 grams.

They have held a proposal ceremony on November 8 yesterday.

In the application, it looks awkward because Cupi shows facial expression gloomy while writing down a confused status.

“Girls will always put their parents’ happiness first because of Cupi’s mom’s happiness,” said Cupi Cupita from his personal TikTok account @Cupita19.

This makes the public assume that the singer was forced to marry Bintang Bagus because matchmaking by his parents.

However, there are also those who criticize Cupi Cupita’s actions as if they do not respect the prospective husband.

However, Cupi has made it clear that this was not due to any intention of being pressured.

But sadness because he will leave his parents because he will soon marry and become a wife.


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