Cum-ex scandal: Olaf Scholz’s survey will probably not be published for the time being

Cum-ex scandal: is the Ministry of Finance delaying the release of a protocol to protect Scholz?

So far, the cum-ex scandal has not been a real mortgage in the election campaign for Olaf Scholz. But that could change shortly before the general election. The Finance Committee of the Bundestag insists on the publication of a protocol that was created for a survey by Scholz.

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The Federal Ministry of Finance of SPD Chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz seems to be deliberately delaying the release of a protocol. That comes from a report of the “WirtschaftsWoche” emerged. Accordingly, it is a recorded survey by Scholz on the cum-ex scandal that took place on July 1, 2020.

Many members of the Bundestag finance committee now want to obtain a publication in order to find out what Finance Minister Scholz knew about the affair or whether he was hiding things. His ministry now wants to thoroughly check the release of the classified information.

Cum-ex scandal: According to the Ministry of Finance, the audit is very complex and time-consuming

According to “WirtschaftsWoche”, the trigger for the issue is a message from the medium in which the Ministry of Finance is quoted as saying that the decision to maintain secrecy is a matter for parliament. A finding that surprised the members of the Finance Committee across political groups.

Since then, various members have tried to declassify the protocol. An official request to examine the facts was apparently received by the Ministry of Finance on Monday. The Parliament’s Secretariat set 8 September as the deadline for a reply.

According to the media report, however, Scholz’s ministry has so far evaded a clear statement. As a result, the head of the cabinet department in the ministry is said to have informed the finance committee by telephone that an audit would be very time-consuming, legally complex and therefore not yet completed.

Green politician speaks of the “Scholz method”

The likelihood that the survey will be published before the general election on September 26th will decrease enormously. Because of this, there is now criticism from the opposition. The Green politician Lisa Paus speaks of the “Scholz Method”. The Ministry of Finance is trying to postpone the release of the protocol for political reasons. This is “not surprising, but now bold,” said Paus.

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Fabio de Masi (left) also calls for transparency. For him it is incomprehensible why tax secrecy should apply at this point, although Scholz allegedly had not intervened in an ongoing tax procedure. However, if it had, it would be a criminal offense. That is why full clarification is now needed, said de Masi.

To date, Olaf Scholz has not been able to prove any wrongdoing in the Cum-Ex affair surrounding the Warburg Bank. Basically, the topic is about the question of whether Scholz, in his former role as First Mayor of Hamburg, influenced the fact that the tax office allowed tax reclaims of 47 million euros to expire in 2016.

With tears in his eyes, Özdemir blocks the Lanz question and says: “That is more important”


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