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CSU district executive: Critical analysis of the federal election

by drbyos

The district boards of the CSU city and state met in Würzburg to analyze the federal election in 2021. In the beginning, according to the CSU press release, there was recognition and congratulations for Paul Lehrieder’s sovereign return to the Bundestag as a direct candidate in the Würzburg constituency. Paul Lehrieder was impressively confirmed in his mandate with 36.87 percent of the first votes. Chairwoman Christine Bötsch and District Administrator Thomas Eberth congratulated them. This result of Lehrieders was assessed in the assembly as a partial success of the federal election. However, Bötsch and Eberth emphasized: “Where there is light, there is also shadow ??.

The election campaign and election results were then discussed intensively and controversially. According to the announcement, district chairman Eberth emphasized the return to the CSU as a people’s party. As a people’s party, it is the task of the CSU not only to cover the entire spectrum of society, especially the young society, but also the entire spectrum of issues. The district chairwoman of Würzburg City, Christine Bötsch, summed it up as follows: ?? The CSU must be available as a party for the state and for the urban environment. ??

According to its announcement, the CSU in the city and district of Würzburg has set itself the task of consciously being closer to people again and paying the necessary attention to their worries and needs. ?? Because whoever is not with the people has no right to represent the people, ?? said Manfred Ländner, Member of the State Parliament.

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The second vote result was also critically analyzed. “We need a staff and content renewal, especially in the CDU, but also in the CSU,” said the board members. The board of directors viewed the results in the new federal states particularly critically with a view to future elections. ?? There the AfD is the strongest force and the campaign skills and the staff in the CDU are missing, that must scare us ??, so Eberth. Therefore, everyone agreed that in the optional years party structures must be reconsidered, new members found and cooperation between the CSU urban and rural areas intensified.

The next goal is a very good result for the CSU in the upcoming state and district elections in 2023, the message ends.

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