Crossfire: Fans Are Seriously Divided Over ‘Amazing’ Final Episode

BBC’s Crossfire with Keeley Hawes wrapped up on Thursday night and it seems viewers were divided by the series ending.

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Taking to social media, many were quick to give their verdict on the plot, which centered on Keeley’s character, Jo, a former police officer who tried to save fellow holidaymakers and staff from a hotel in Spain after a gunman fired. in the complex.

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Some weren’t impressed with the finale, as one person tweeted, “Crossfire promised so much in episode one, it turned out pretty dreadful despite a stellar cast.” »

Another criticized his “incredible plot”. A third commented: “Why I wasted 3 hours of my life watching #Crossfire is beyond me. »

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What did you think of Crossfire?

A fourth said: ‘I watched the first episode and thought there was something to it, after episode two I thought hmm… Maybe an explosive ending will come, then I watched the final episode last night and felt bemused, deflated, annoyed to waste an hour on the final #Crossfire drivel. »

However, it wasn’t all bad news for the show, as many audience members were gripped throughout and were eager to share their praise online. “The #Crossfire finale was absolutely brilliant, heartbreaking and, like previous episodes, brilliantly acted, written and produced,” one noted.

Keeley Hawes and Anneika Rose in Crossfire

Another positive review read, “#Crossfire Finale may not have been as gripping as the last two episodes, but overall it’s been a gripping series full of tension, drama and biting moments and all the actors and actresses are great. »

Speaking about her inspiration for the series, creator Louise Doughty explained, “I wanted to write about a group of ordinary people; ordinary holidaymakers from Britain, in a resort hotel like this when such an attack occurs.

“I wanted to write about the human choices we all make under pressure and of course the consequences of those decisions that ripple through the years to come. »

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