Criticism in networks for requests for the wedding of Jasmine Tookes and businessman Juan David Borrero; Secretariat of Communication spoke | People | Entertainment

“The Government has not authorized any person to manage any kind of private event like that before municipal or state authorities …”, he says.

“#Lorenza”, “#Borrero”, “#Historic Center”, “#bodaVIP”, “#Vicepresident”; and “#Victoria Secret” are some of the hashtags that became a trend on Twitter this Saturday. All this about the marriage of American supermodel Jasmine Tookes and Ecuadorian businessman Juan David Borrero which was held in Quito.

Internet users have been outraged by requests for a wedding to the secretary of security of the Metropolitan District of Quito, César Díaz, through a statement that has been shared on networks.

And among the requests and the one that has been the subject of criticism the most is what refers to Saturday, September 4, in point five in which it mentions: “Since VIP guests arrive in Ecuador from September 1 to September 6, September an extreme cleaning of the areas is requested, the removal of destitute people from porches and nearby sites … ”.

Point one also caught the attention of Internet users: “Cleaning of the Plaza de San Francisco. -The couple will get married in this church and the whole patio is full of garbage, pigeon feces and dirt ”.

Jasmine Tookes, the Victoria’s Secret model discovered in a showroom, girlfriend of the son of the current vice president of Ecuador

This afternoon, through the Twitter account, the General Secretariat of Communication of the Republic of Ecuador published a document: “We have read with surprise the letter sent by the wedding planner to the Municipality of Quito, and we share the indignation that it has aroused in public opinion. The requests made are unacceptable ”, they indicate.

And they continue: “We want to make it clear that this letter is the strict responsibility of the person signing it. The Government has not authorized any person to manage any kind of private event like that before municipal or state authorities. And if we get to know that it was an official who has assumed that prerogative, we will act with total forcefulness ”.

This same afternoon, the wedding organizer, on her Instagram account, also published a statement, among other points, clarifying that “the wedding production contacted the people around the church where the wedding will be offered, and they were given a bonus on their workday their workday … ”.

Furthermore: “that the Vice President of the Republic of Ecuador, Alfredo Borrero Vega, has nothing to do with logistics in any of the activities, since he is a guest as the groom’s father; also that the organization of this great event has a year of planning, long before the presidential elections ”. (I)


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