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Criticism and attacks on Zhang on Instagram: comments [FOTO]

by drbyos

Steven Zhang divides the Nerazzurri fans. There are those who thank him for having achieved goals that have been missing for years and years and those who, on the other hand, can no longer bear his presence at the head of the company.

Five years have passed, it was June 28, 2016, since he joined the board of directors of the Nerazzurri company, becoming president after just over two years, on October 26, 2018.

In five seasons, six with the current one, he has nevertheless managed to restore vigor to a club that has suffered for a long time.

After the years of the Scudetti, the national cups, the Champions League, theInter got lost. The farewell of Moratti, a management not up to par, a new ownership (with Thohir president) who knew nothing, or almost nothing, of the dynamics of Italian football, had a great and negative impact.

Zhang has at least given new life, thanks to investments that have proved decisive. A restructured environment, a management up to par, players of a certain thickness that Inter had been missing for a long time, coaches of a certain caliber.

All this led to a return to the Champions League, a Europa League final, the victory of a Scudetto and, lastly, access to the round of 16 of the cup with big ears, a goal that had been missing for ten years.

In reference to this last thing, the president has published a status on his profile Instagram, in which he emphasizes all his happiness for reaching the round of 16.

Post under which there was the outburst of many Nerazzurri fans who seem to have lost patience with regard to the management of Suning. Management that has led to victories, as we said above, but which has created turmoil regarding the financial situation of the company.

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