Critical discussion about workshops on Twitter under #Schichtwechsel

Poster for the uniqueness of workshops
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Berlin (kobinet) “The @BAG_WfbM advertises how unique the workshops are for people with disabilities. What we – and even the UN – think of it, you can read here: #MehrAlsEinWeg #MehrAlsEinJob # Shift change“This is a critical comment by the social heroes on Twitter about the shift change taking place today on September 16, which is being carried out by a number of Berlin workshops for disabled people in cooperation with employers.

The comment of the social heroes is underpinned by a poster for the JOB inclusive project, on which it says on the left: “Statement: The workshops are unique”. On the other hand it says: “Unfortunately, it is true! They are so unique internationally that Germany was reprimanded by the UN & asked to abolish the workshops.” Above all, radioeins des rbb reports regularly this week about the shift change, so that this reporting has also sparked criticism. On the part of the advocacy group, Self-Determined Living in Germany (ISL), there was the following comment on Twitter: “For 1 day again nice advertising for #WfbM #Special worlds par excellence im #RBB @presse_rbb and @radioeins. Only marginal criticism. Can’t you think of anything better? Neither do us. That is why our statements from the last few years follow here. Show effect with zoo effect: # Shift change.”

“We are not fundamentally against workshops, but we are in favor of a right to wish and choose,” says Stefan Schenck, founder @stattwerkstatt and father of a son with Down syndrome. #Inclusion # Shift change, with whom radioeins conducted an interview about the Statt Werkstatt project.

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