Cristiano Ronaldo with a fit of anger at Juve-Aus in the Champions League

Photo: Marco Iacobucci Epp /

The reign of Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus Turin came to a disappointing conclusion in the summer. In particular, the knockout of the last sixteen in the premier class caused violent emotions in the Portuguese, as a recently published documentary shows.

In “All or Nothing: Juventus” the viewers get a glimpse into the old lady’s dressing room when the Italians lost 1-0 to FC Porto in the second leg of the Champions League last season. After the 1: 2 from the first leg, progress seemed a long way off, which caused Ronaldo to burst into anger.

“What the hell! We don’t play at all, nothing,” said the 2016 European champion, squeezing his comrades and referring to the rest of the season. “We play shit all the time!” Teammate Juan Cuadrado asked Ronaldo not only to point his finger at others, but also to look at his own performance.

“I’m including myself,” replied CR7. “We just played shit! It’s a Champions League game, we have to show personality.” In the second section, his team took heart and turned the deficit to a 2-1 lead, which initiated the decisive extension.

In overtime, both Porto and Turin scored one goal each. After the first and second leg the score was 4: 4, with Juve having fewer away goals and consequently eliminated from the premier class.



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