Cristiano Ronaldo broke Juventus by Massimiliano Allegri. Now there is no team and stars

Juventus at the start of the season – sadness and longing. In the first round, Turin squandered the two-goal advantage in the match against Udinese (2: 2). In the second, they scored nothing and lost to Empoli. One point in two matches happened against the backdrop of the sale of the main star – Cristiano Ronaldo.

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The Portuguese departed from Turin on August 27, four days before the transfer window closed. Although Juventus, Pavel Nedved and Massimiliano Allegri screamed almost all summer that the Portuguese would stay and continue to amaze Turin. The predictions did not come true – Ronaldo reunited with Manchester United, and Juve drowned in a lake of their own problems.

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Graffiti Cristiano Ronaldo

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Allegri has already fought at Juventus without Ronaldo

The 2017/18 season was the last Allegri coached Juventus without Crisch. And then Juve was great: 95 points, only three defeats and 86 goals scored in Serie A. More than 15 goals were scored by two players at once – Gonzalo Higuain and Paulo Dybala. In the Italian Cup, everything was also cool: in five matches Juve won with a total score of 10: 0, and in the final they scored four unanswered goals against Milan. In the Champions League, there was a knockout in the quarterfinals, but from Real, against which then very few people could do something.

Everybody won from Ronaldo in Serie A except Juve. What was it?

In mid-April 2018, when asked about the style of his Juventus, Allegri replied: “The strongest team I have ever worked with. You can refer to the class of players, but in general it is a very strong team, capable of achieving any goals. “

Juventus without Ronaldo really was a perfectly harmonious organism. In the 2017/18 season, Miralem Pjanic scored possibly the best form of his career and directed attacks from deep within. Higuain brilliantly felt the role of the main attacking player. And Dybala to earn extra money as a signalman – united Higuain and Juve’s middle lines with sharp passes.

Gonzalo Higuain, Paulo Dybala, Juventus

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The main feature of that Allegri team is the perfect adaptation to all life situations. Juventus changed the schemes depending on the opponents and looked decent even after tough defeats. The day after relegation from Real Madrid in the Champions League quarterfinals (Juve lost the first match with a score of 0: 3; in the return – won 3: 1), Allegri’s assistant Marco Landucci noted:

“I won’t say exactly how we prepared for the match. I will say one thing: we had a plan for every fifteen minutes. We rebuilt a lot – and it bore fruit: Real Madrid went on only thanks to a goal from Ronaldo in the 97th minute. How did the players react to the drastic changes in the game? Fine. All professionals. Everyone knows that the result depends on everyone. “

With the advent of the Portuguese prima, the idyll fell apart. Allegri tried to build a team around the star for lack of other options. The most banal example, emphasizing the changes in the game through one player: in Serie A-2018/19 Ronaldo scored 21 goals, but there was no one else in Juve with 10+ goals.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus

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Juventus’ failures are not related to Ronaldo

There are several reasons for the poor start of the Bianconeri:

First: adaptation to the new system. Football by Maurizio Sarri and Andrea Pirlo is very different from Allegri’s ideas. After the draw with Udinese, the coach said that the players will need time to get used to the updated requirements.

Second: individual mistakes. In the match against Udinese, Wojciech Szczęsny got cloudy. In the game against Empoli, Juve’s defenders simultaneously missed Leonardo Mancuso, who scored the only goal.

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Empoli created a lot of free zones on the flanks, but we made a lot of technical oversights due to the haste. You can’t think that we will control every match, take the lead. You need to be calmer, as great teams do, realizing that the game can be flipped. Difficulties help you become stronger. In the match with Udinese, we realized what should not be done, and now we have been taught another important lesson, ”argued Max.

The scene with Allegri and Giorgio Chiellini fits the Juventus situation surprisingly well. During the match with Empoli, the camera caught them at the moment when the captain said: “This is not a team.” The phrase is taken out of context, but perfectly describes the current “Juve”.

Allegri furious at Juventus transfers

2019th. Andrea Agnelli said: Juventus is committed to becoming a global brand. Buying Ronaldo only brings us closer to this. So that you understand what I’m talking about: now one of the best footballers in the world is playing for us. And this is not our last star transfer. “

2021st year. Ronaldo leaves Juventus and highlights the club’s important shortcomings. First, there are no superstars in it now. Secondly, the last supertop was replaced only by Moise Keene. The forward left as a promising player, but with claims that he did not reveal himself and did not use the chances entrusted to him. He did not play at Everton, more or less strengthened at PSG: 13 goals in 22 Ligue 1 matches.

Why did Juventus replace Ronaldo with Keane only (although this can hardly be called a direct replacement)? So far, the club has enough attacking players (Alvaro Morata, Dybala, newcomer Cayo and the same Keane), the flanks will be easily covered by Federico Chiesa, Dejan Kulushevski and Federico Bernardeschi. Keane’s transfer has two benefits. Allegri has already worked with Moise and in 2018 said: “He has great potential. This is a classic striker, but if desired, he can be sent to the flanks. It fits perfectly with the Juve system.

The second plus is the price. Juventus rented it for 7 million euros for two years (with an obligation to buy it back for 28). That is, he spent half of the money he received from Manchester United for Ronaldo. Bottom line: Allegri got a convenient forward at a low price. In addition, appearances for the Italian national team showed that Keane is now in good shape.

Moise Keene (Juventus)

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Another drawback of the current Juve is the disgusting reaction to Ronaldo’s departure. His departure has been read since about last spring. All summer, Agnelli and Nedved said that the club had no chance of losing Cristiano. But Ronaldo left four days before the end of the transfer window,

from starting in the match against Udinese. The worst thing in this situation is that Allegri expected to use Ronaldo at the distance of the entire season, but at the last moment all the developments were reset.

Il Giornale only confirms the complexities within Juventus’ management: Allegri was furious over the disgusting transfer campaign, as Agnelli reported directly. Max expected completely different actions in the market, plus did not wait for a reaction to his requests. One of them is the return on any terms of Pjanic, whom Max appreciates since his first arrival at Juventus. Barça were ready to pay most of the Bosnian’s salary, but instead of Turin, the midfielder suddenly landed in Istanbul.

What lies ahead for Juventus

After the match with Empoli, Allegri was asked if he considered this Juventus to be the weakest in his entire career. The coach replied, “Wrong question. This Juventus has incredibly strong young players. As you know, young footballers do not always have the experience or the ability to manage certain aspects of the game. Therefore, gradually we need to find a balance. “

Massimiliano Allegri, Juventus

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Perhaps the best teaser for Juventus’ performances at a distance. Now the club is in an incredibly difficult situation, when it needs to be rebuilt literally in a matter of days. It seems that only Allegri’s skill is able to bring Juve out of a difficult state.

It is unlikely that Turin is ready to fight for victory in the Champions League: PSG, Man City and other grandees look much more preferable. Race for the Italian Cup? Yes, Juventus can do it. The Scudetto Race? Yes, too, but even the conditional Inter, the liquidation of which was talked about for most of 2021, looks more solid and stronger.

Italian league table, where Juventus is already 12th

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