Cristiano Ronaldo: After the “Ballon d’Or” election: He’s pissed off

Yesterday, Wednesday evening, the best footballer on the planet was once again voted in Paris. However, someone who has already won this award five times was missing from the gala.

Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo (36) stayed in England to prepare for the next game with his club Manchester United.

It was clear from the start that Ronaldo would have no chance of the coveted “Ballon d’Or” this year. So the mega-kicker saved the trip and, despite his nomination, never showed up.

There is no wish to have children here: In the video above you can see how Cristiano Ronaldo’s daughter Alana celebrated her birthday.

French journalist attacks Cristiano Ronaldo

A heated discussion broke out about the Portuguese’s absence from the ceremony. In any case, the editor-in-chief of “France Football” had his own view of the reasons. “Ronaldo has only one goal and that is to end his career with more ‘Ballon d’Ors’ than Lionel Messi,” Pascal Ferré told the New York Times. Every year he awards the “golden ball” for the best player in the world with his French trade magazine.

Ferré allegedly referred to a personal conversation with CR7 in his statement. “I know because he told me.” Heavy allegations against the footballer who is known for his ambition. In the same way, (almost) every football fan knows that Ronaldo’s heart is in the right place and that he is a respectful and impeccable sportsman.

“He lied!”: Cristiano Ronaldo rumbles back

The Manchester United striker understandably vented his displeasure with the journalist’s comments. “Pascal Ferré lied. He used my name to advertise himself and the newspaper he works for,” he wrote on Instagram. “It is unacceptable for the person responsible for awarding such a prestigious award to lie like that.” The alleged quarantine, which would justify his non-appearance, is also a lie.

Ronaldo currently has five “Golden Balls” in the trophy cabinet, while his rival Messi can already boast seven titles. For years there has been an exaggerated discussion in the media about which player is actually the ultimate. The two exceptional talents maintain a good relationship and value each other. “I will always congratulate those who win. Sportsmanship and fair play have shaped my career from the start,” concluded the star.

New photo with the family - and the view is amazing

Here in the video, Cristiano Ronaldo shows himself with his entire family.

Lionel Messi wins “Ballon d’Or”

Not all parties were in agreement on the footballer choice either. Lionel Messi (34) was once again awarded the trophy for the best player. The Argentine undoubtedly played a good 2021, winning the Copa America with Argentina. But according to the opinions of most experts and also many fans, Robert Lewandowski (33) would have deserved it this year.

For the Bayern Munich striker, however, it was only enough to take an ungrateful second place. The Pole scored endless goals and won many titles with his club. With his overall performance over the past two years, Lewandowski would have been a deserved winner. Once again, however, it is evident that the choice of world footballers is also about prestige and name. German football still has to take a back seat here.

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