Crisis at RB Leipzig: March order from Mintzlaff – Bundesliga

Three points from the first four games – a coach at RB Leipzig has never started worse in the Bundesliga. In addition, there was the defensive disaster at 3: 6 last at Manchester City.

Today in Cologne Jesse Marsch (47) MUST win. Otherwise fourth place, including the Champions League qualifying goal for the season, will be out of sight early on. Now there’s pressure from the boss.

A march order from Mintzlaff!

Club board member Oliver Mintzlaff (46) said at DAZN: “We have to finally start picking up speed. But we are convinced and do not let ourselves be alarmed by the very poor results. “He told Bild TV:” I hope that we will start a series! “

Hertha, Bruges, Bochum and Freiburg are waiting for Cologne.

But: There have been ten goals against in the last two games (Bayern, Man City). The defense is full of holes – and at the front, Königstransfer André Silva (25), who came from Frankfurt for 23 million euros, does not ignite. The Portuguese has only scored one goal of the season (penalty against Stuttgart). Also because it is actually not made for Marsch’s switching game.

What does the trainer say? Marsch remains optimistic: “Against Cologne we have to fight and win and then find more and more rhythm in the season. In difficult moments you have to run and fight a little more. “

Sounds almost like perseverance …



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