Crevillent is already in Holy Week

Crevillent is already in Holy Week

Crevillent is already in Holy WeekBibiana Candela

If, at night, you enter Crevillent from the Elche highway and look aheada symbol tells you clearly that this municipality of traditions is living its great days. After the lighting of the Cross of Lent on Ash Wednesday, by the brotherhood of the Reclining Christ, the previous weeks activities multiply everywhere.

A moment of the act of lighting the Lenten Cross in Crevillent


Bakeries are already doubling their production of toasted bread and cocas, and the restaurants live the XIII Lenten Gastronomic Days (Estrella de África and Las Palmeras) that allow you to taste celebration menus passionate Crevillentina until the end of March.

poster and chronicle

This Saturday the extraordinary general assembly of the Federation of Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods will be held, where the presentation of the Easter 2023 poster will take place and Joaquín Ferrández will read his chronicle of the previous celebration, the first that was carried out almost normally after the pandemic. The event will begin at five in the afternoon at the Easter Museum.

At night, at 7:00 p.m., from Alarico López Teruel street, the Mixed Band Adagio Musical Society will carry out a parade with processional marches through the downtown area, while further north, from Perdigonera street, and at 7:30 p.m., the Band of Bugles and Drums Los Hurtado. In this activity have also participated the Band of Bugles and Drums Nuestra Señora de los Dolores, the Mixed Band The Musical Association La Sinfónica, the Band of Bugles and Drums Los Lucas and the Band of Clarines of the Federation.

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The rehearsals of the Septenario de los Dolores are also underway, as well as those of numerous bands and groups of timpanists.

white palm

And, since January, the Jesús Triunfante brotherhood has been running a flap palm workshop whose benefits are allocated each year to the most needy in the town through different NGOs and associations.

White palm workshop of the brotherhood of Jesús Triunfante de Crevillent

This activity, which brings together dozens of fans of curly white palm, is being carried out this year at the José Candela Lledó Municipal House of Culture, and recovered a traditional activity that took place in Crevillent. It was launched in 1994being president of the brotherhood, Salvador Mas Mas, following the idea of ​​the brother Francisco Alfonso Torres.

the beginning

The workshop began under the tutelage of Francisco Galván Peral and Juan Pomares Sol from Crevillent, two esparto and palm artisans, who taught this tradition and art to a large group of people, who got involved in this project. With this Workshop, the social work of the “Burreta”.

Social work

During these thirty years, thousands have been the lapel palms, which during the first months of the year, altruistically, have been elaborated and which was only able to interrupt a pandemic. The benefits of the donations have always been allocated to NGOs and associations that help the most needy in Crevillent.


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