Credit note and the right of withdrawal

If you exercise the right of withdrawal, that is, you regret a purchase you made for whatever reason and want your money back, in this country that is not possible, despite the fact that in any city in the developed world they recognize the right to return the amount regardless of the time elapsed between the time of purchase and the “regret.” Here they give you a credit note with an expiration date, which is a violation of the fundamental right of the consumer.

When we acted as director of PRO CONSUMIDOR, we approved a resolution in which the money would be returned to the consumer after 14 days, after 30 days, discounting the ITEBIS and no more per year. In the United States there is no date, as long as the consumer takes the invoice where he purchased the item, and if it is a chain of stores it does not matter which one you bought or the year in which you bought it.

The behavior of suppliers in developed countries corresponds to what is known as the rule of law, where the owners of retail establishments respect the rights of citizens and even more so when their economic rights are at stake.

Many times the Dominicans abandon the claim due to the difficulties that are put in the establishments and the money is lost for the consumer; the rules of the “credit note” we do not know who invented it in this country, but no one should keep someone else’s money.

Something dramatic happened for PRO CONSUMIDOR to approve the regulation of the Credit Notes, which, although they do not solve the problem, are less unfavorable than what happened before the resolution, which had 30 and 45 days of expiration. What happened was that a lady bought a can of milk for her baby, the formula had to be without iron because the infant was intolerant to the mineral, and when she went to return the product, they gave her a credit note that expired after 45 days because they didn’t have the product without iron.

The lady only had the amount equivalent to the price of the milk formula, and with a “credit note” where was she going to get food for her son? The lady complained to PRO CONSUMIDOR, which prompted the Council to decide to intervene on the matter.

It turns out that the measure is not complied with and for some providers to agree to deliver the money, it is necessary to threaten to report it and some do not even flinch. We have received several complaints from people who sell them a different medicine than the doctor’s prescription and, when they claim a refund, they give them a “credit note”, and if the person does not have money they must wait for death to arrive because the condition required medicine, not the aforementioned note, to heal. Not like that! The right of withdrawal must be respected.

The customer must receive their money back if the purchase does not suit them

The solution is not a credit note with an expiration date

In a rule of law, the retraction to the retraction is respected


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