creation of a new inter-union – National Federation of Speech-Language Pathologists

“The Health Liberals”: a new inter-professional structure
founded by 11 unions representing healthcare professionals

Press release published on September 8, 2021 by “Les liberals de santé”

Paris, September 8, 2021 | The CDF, the CSMF, the FFMKR, the FNI, the FNO, the FNP, the FSPF, the SDA, the SDB, the SML and the SNAO, announce the creation of a new inter-union: The Liberals of Health. At a time when a line of fracture is emerging around the organization of the health system in the place of liberal city medicine with the shift towards a hyper administered system, the creation of the Liberals of Health begins a recomposition of the union landscape. Its objective: to reaffirm the proactive positions of representative trade unions which weigh and share the same vision of the defense of liberal exercise.

Driven by common values ​​and the desire to form an organization that is truly representative of liberal health professionals, whatever their profession, these eleven representative and historic unions mainly from the National Center for Liberal Health Professions (CNPS) and the French Federation health practitioners (FFPS) join forces to defend liberal practice and city health professionals. The founding organizations of the Health Liberals are also in the majority within the National Union of Health Professions (UNPS) and all members of the National Union of Liberal Professions (UNAPL).

First and foremost, the Health Liberals are union evidence. All these organizations are based on a federation or confederation model advocating common values ​​of independence and freedom of exercise, responsibility, solidarity and attachment to the conventional system.

The creation of the Liberals of Health is also a democratic necessity at a time when new associative structures are multiplying outside the trade unions and are instrumentalised by the public authorities to impose measures contested by the representative organizations. The Health Liberals believe that only representative unions can engage the professions. In addition, the relaxation of the application of representativeness criteria leads the Government to recognize unions with weak structure and an insufficient base of members. This situation causes a balkanization of the representation of professions and undermines the trades.

Finally, the constitution of the Health Liberals also responds to a political emergency. The Ségur de la Santé has completely ignored the liberals and the health crisis has demonstrated the weaknesses of our health system and degraded the Social Security accounts. On the eve of discussions on the Social Security Financing Bill (PLFSS) for 2022, the Health Liberals want to bring the common vision of the unions at the service of the liberal health professions and city care to cross-cutting issues and build pragmatic proposals to respond to major public health issues, first and foremost the aging of the population.

The creation of the Liberals of Health initiates a restructuring of the union landscape. The politicians, in particular the presidential candidates, as well as the Administrations must know that they will have to do with the Liberals of Health for the reforms and evolutions to come.

The main issues that the Health Liberals will collectively tackle include:

  • The organization of the care of elderly and dependent patients as part of the coordination of care through care teams coordinated around the patient (Escape)
  • Taking control of the scope of trades and initial training
  • The future of continuing vocational training and periodic certification
  • The financing of city care and the reform of Ondam
  • The rebalancing of relations with health insurance within the conventional framework
  • The clarification of the role of complementary health insurance and the construction of a constructive and balanced dialogue.
  • The deployment of controlled digital health with a human face

This inter-union will be led by a Council of Presidents to promote common positions, build forward-looking proposals and solutions, and when necessary, organize actions to defend the common interests of the liberal health professions.

The Council of Presidents:

  • Philippe BESSET (FSPF)
  • François BLANCHECOTTE (SdB)
  • Anne DEHETRE (FNO)
  • Luis GODINHO (SdA)
  • Sébastien GUERARD (FFMKR)
  • Daniel GUILLERM (FNI)
  • Mélanie ORDINES (SNAO)
  • Jean-Paul ORTIZ (CSMF)
  • Thierry SOULIE (The CDFs)
  • Philippe VERMESCH (SML)

Composition of the Liberal Health Bureau:

President: Sébastien GUERARD (FFMKR)

1st Vice-President: François BLANCHECOTTE (SdB)

Secretary: Pascale LEJEUNE (FNI)

Treasurer: Philippe BESSET (FSPF)


  • Anne DEHETRE (FNO)
  • Luis GODINHO (SdA)
  • Catherine MOJAÏSKY (The CDFs)
  • Mélanie ORDINES (SNAO)
  • Jean-Paul ORTIZ (CSMF)
  • Philippe VERMESCH (SML)
  • Daniel GUILLERM (FNI)
  • Thierry SOULIE (The CDFs)
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