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The United Kingdom will simplify its restrictions on international mobility and will no longer require a coronavirus test prior to traveling to England at vaccinated people from low-risk countriesBritish Transport Minister Grant Shapps announced on Friday.

As of October 4, the travel traffic light that classified countries according to three risk categories will be abolished and only a list of countries in red will remain, for which the limitations will continue to be higher. The British government aims with these measures to “reduce the cost of travel” while continuing to protect public health, Shapps said.

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will assess the changes.

The changes made by the Executive will affect only England, as the other British regions –Scotland, Gales e North Ireland- they set their own rules about travel.

Also in October, although at a later date yet to be defined, the requirement to undergo a PCR test within two days of arrival in England for vaccinated travelers from “safe” countries it will be replaced by a cheaper antigen test.

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The British government aims with these measures to “reduce the cost of travel” while continuing to protect public health, Shapps said.

Stop unvaccinated and several countries

On the contrary, those not vaccinated will continue to have to pass a test in the 72 hours prior to their departure, two PCR tests two and eight days after their arrival in England, and remain in quarantine for ten days.

European states such as Spain, France, Italy and Portugal, until now on the amber list, will be classified as low risk countries. The mandatory quarantine will also be maintained for travelers from territories on the red list, who must stay for ten days in a hotel designated by the Government, a stay with a price of 2,285 pounds per person (2,675 euros).

Turkey, Egypt, Maldives and Kenya are among the eight countries that will leave that list as of September 22. Latin American countries such as Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico will continue for now in that red category.

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Travelers who have been in those countries during the ten days prior to their departure will only be able to enter England if they have British nationality or a residence permit in the country.

Passengers coming from countries in red They are obliged to comply with a 10-day quarantine in a hotel assigned by the Government and to pay for the accommodation costs, as well as a covid test before and after entering England.

The British Government has received strong pressure from airlines to simplify the current system and eliminate PCR tests in order to reactivate the tourism sector, which is badly hit by the pandemic.


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