Covid Safe Ticket in Brussels: “My 16-year-old daughter is not vaccinated and we will have to pay 300 euros per month”

The ‘Covid Safe Ticket’ is coming soon to Brussels in the catering industry, culture, but also in sports halls. And obviously some athletes are not hot.

Nicolas lives in the Brussels region. Her 16-year-old daughter is not vaccinated and plays volleyball twice a week, plus a game. With the introduction of the Covid Safe Ticket, continuing sporting activity could be expensive. “It is for her to do at least three tests to cover all her activities. Three times 25 (euros) each week … 300 euros per month. We will take from the vacation budget so that she can continue “, imagine the father of the family on the set of ‘It’s not every day Sunday.’ His daughter is not vaccinated because “the benefit-risk ratio has not been established in terms of vaccination for youth. There is uncertainty and in this case, it is necessary to privilege caution “, according to the father of the family.

On this point, Fabrice Bureau, vice-rector of the University of Liège in charge of Research, reassured: “There is no risk. She (Nicolas’ daughter) is at risk despite her age of getting the disease and spreading it.”

As for the cost of the tests, Delphine Chabbert, Member of the Parliament of the Brussels-Capital region, indicates that nothing is planned by the Brussels government for free tests: “What is planned is to protect the most vulnerable, limit the circulation of this virus, etc. ”

Sports federations are worried about the impact of the non-vaccination of their members since concretely the unvaccinated or those who cannot present a negative CST will not have access to the infrastructures.


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