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Covid Kan breaks the record! 10 deaths in one day

Date 09 Sep 2021 time 20:21

Kanchanaburi-Mueang Kan breaks the record of deaths from Covid-19 in one day, 10 in a row, 190 more infected, 546 recovered.

On September 9, 21, the Center for Solving the Problem of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Kanchanaburi Province Report on the situation of the epidemic of COVID-19 in the area of ​​Kanchanaburi Province The information states that Found 190 new cases, separated into 155 within the province, 10 outside the province, 25 in the workplace.

The total number of cumulative patients both within the province, outside the province and the Ministry of Justice prisons totaled 14,146 cases, 546 recovered, 10,352 recovered, and 3,662 were hospitalized, with the death toll today. The highest number of cases was 10, resulting in the cumulative death of 132.

For infected patients and accumulated deaths only in Kanchanaburi province, all 13 districts from April 6, 64 until the present, as follows:

Sangkhlaburi district, 990 cumulative cases (+53 cases), 7 cumulative deaths.

Thong Pha Phum District, 404 cases (+6 cases) and 5 deaths.

Si Sawat District, 119 accumulated infections (+4 cases)

Nong Prue District: 320 cumulative infections (+2 cases), 4 cumulative deaths.

Laokhwan district: 141 cumulative cases, 3 cumulative deaths.

Bo Ploy district has 318 cumulative infections (+9 cases), 7 cumulative deaths.

Huai Krachao District: 73 cumulative infections (+4), 1 cumulative death.

Saiyok district has 644 cumulative infections (+22 cases), 1 death, 9 cumulative cases.

Phanom Thuan district, 408 cases (+3 cases) and 3 deaths.

Dan Makham Tia District: 178 cumulative infections (+2 cases), 2 cumulative deaths.

Tha Muang district, 1,475 cumulative cases (+27 cases), 7 cumulative deaths.

Mueang Kanchanaburi District, 2,973 cumulative infections (+61 cases), 31 cumulative deaths.

and Tha Maka District, there are 4,359 cumulative infections (+22 cases), 7 deaths, 37 cumulative cases.


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