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COVID, Chonburi found 110 more infections, latest risk locations check

by drbyos

5 May 2021


Check “COVID TODAY”, Chonburi found 110 more infections, announced the latest risk locations.

situationCOVID TODAY 5 May 2021, Chonburi Provincial Public Health Office, Chonburi Province.Infected with COVID-19 110 new cases

1.Patient confirmed Has a history of traveling to Rayong province 1 case
2. A party in the province, 2 cases
3. A risky occupation, meeting a large number of 3 people.

4. Touch the patient to confirm.
4.1 From 1 Funeral Cluster
4.2 from 5 workplaces
4.3 In a family of 10

5. The contact person confirms Entertainment venues in the province 7 cases
6.Patient confirmed Which is under investigation for 30 cases
7. In the process of investigation 51 cases

Today, a total of 181 contacts were searched, plus 1,034 proactive searches (pending results).
Aggressive search 1,135 other royal vehicles

Currently, there is a new wave of COVID-19 outbreak in April 2021 from entertainment venues in Bangkok and spread rapidly in various provinces, including an outbreak to entertainment venues in Chonburi Province. Social circles and travel to upcountry where patients were reported. And spread the infection to close contacts

For close contacts of people infected with COVID-19 Strict quarantine is required. Not spreading the infection Although the first test did not detect the infection, many cases detected the infection the second time during the 14-day quarantine.

For Banglamung District, a royal vehicle has been brought out in an aggressive search unit. It appears that a portion of the infected people do not know where they were infected, and the number of them is increasing, indicating that the infection is spreading outside of the family. Therefore asked to be extremely strict in the measure Especially personal hygiene Infection through the nose, mouth, eyes You must never touch your face without washing your hands. Wear a mask all the time.
Try to get out of the house less, stay apart, wash your hands more often.

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In this May, there are many holidays. In addition, there is a more intense enforcement of measures, requesting cooperation as follows:
1. Not socializing, not setting up a circle
2. Buy food to eat at home. Must not eat close together
3. I have to stop.
4. Joint contact point Must be cleaned frequently, such as knobs, handrails, finger scans, signatures and must wash hands immediately
5. Strict personal hygiene Wear masks all the time, wash hands often, stay away from each other.
Chonburi province will continue to search for contacts. And search intensely proactive To be tested for COVID-19 And bring it to prevent further spreading

Announcement of risk locations in Chonburi Province No. 81






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