COVID-19: Test vending machines arrive in US cities

Several large American cities are preparing to install vending machines at rapid screening tests from Covid-19.

The towns of New York, The Angels, San Francisco, Boston and Dallas will offer this service to their citizens in order to more easily detect cases of coronavirus.

The society Wellness 4 Humanity will start to set up its distributors as soon as Sunday next in the cities. This firm already supplies test vending machines in Oakland airports International in California and Hartsfield-Jackson International in Atlanta and Georgie.

The Covid-19 screening tests, approved by the authorities of public health American and 99% efficient, are saliva tests RT-PCR type. They can be purchased at a cost varying between $ 130 and $ 149 (US).

Consumers who purchase these tests must return them to a laboratory in a postage-paid envelope for analysis within 48 hours.

Wellness 4 Humanity plans to implement vending machines with a second generation of tests. These will not need to be returned for analysis, as they themselves will be able to provide a result in 15 minutes. In this case, the accuracy of these tests is 97,4%.

The Covid-19 test vending machines are another tool for United States to curb the pandemic. The country is the more affected by the number of case and of death in the world.

President-elect Joe Biden wrestled Covid-19 its first priority. He promises that 100 million Americans will be vaccinated within First 100 days of his mandate which begins tomorrow.


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