Covid-19. In Rennes, some college students under 12 inadvertently vaccinated

All are volunteers, and have the parental authorization sheet duly signed. But, report our colleagues from France blue , four schoolchildren were inadvertently vaccinated this Thursday, September 9, 2021, during the vaccination campaign led by the Regional Health Agency (ARS) and the rectorate, in the ephemeral vaccination center of the City of Rennes, in the Maurepas district, To Rennes (Ille-et-VIlaine). Young people born in 2009, who will therefore be 12 years old by the end of December.

Seek to “understand where the error comes from”

What confirms the ARS, which took note of the blunder: “Some children from the College of L’Assomption, not yet quite 12 years old, have been vaccinated. “ Vaccination is in fact not open in France to under 12s, “We will try to understand where the error comes from and prevent it from happening again”.

She ensures that “The parents of the children concerned were immediately informed and confirmed having been previously informed of the conditions of eligibility of minors over 12 years of age only for vaccination, and having nevertheless given the agreement to the vaccination of their children.”

The Tregain gymnasium, transformed into an ephemeral vaccination center, this week in Rennes. © WEST-FRANCE

For his part, Philippe Mercier, director of the Assumption school group, explains having “Informed all the families of the establishment who wished to have their child aged 12 to 17 vaccinated, that it would be possible by this device. Last week, we therefore received parental permissions. ”

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Parents’ mistake?

However, out of the 20 positive returns, it turns out that four concerned children. “Who were not yet quite 12 years old. Some have their birthday in October … The parents must have thought that the “12-17 year old” was not within a month, he supposes, and that it was an opportunity to have their child vaccinated. ”

Children to whom nothing has happened during the 15 minutes of post-vaccination follow-up. In France as elsewhere, vaccination campaigns for children under 12 are being considered and clinical trials are underway on this population.


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