COVID-19: 4 Sept. 19, Thailand has 15,942 more infections, 257 deaths.

Prof. reports the situation of COVID-19 in Thailand 15,942 new cases, 1,265,082 cumulative illnesses, 20,351 recoveries, 1,097,317 cumulative recoveries, 257 deaths, 12,631 cumulative deaths Total number of vaccinated recipients (until 3 Sep 2021) A total of 35,218,164 doses – 37 teachers, students, Mae Sot Sports School infected with COVID-19 – The Ministry of Health confirmed that all vaccines provided by Thailand are effective.

September 4, 2021 The COVID-19 Information Center announces 15,942 total COVID-19 cases, 15,665 new infections, 277 in prisons/detentions, 1,265,082 cumulative cases, 20,351 recoveries, 1,097,317 total recoveries and 1,097,317 deaths. 257 cases, 12,631 cumulative deaths Total vaccine recipients (until 3 Sep 2021), total 35,218,164 doses

Worldometers reported 220,595,043 cases of COVID-19, 4,566,224 deaths, 197,088,712 recoveries, with the United States still having the most cumulative cases of 40,703,674 and 664,935 deaths, followed by India, Brazil, Russia and united kingdom

Teachers and students at Mae Sot Municipal Sports School have 37 cases of COVID-19

As of September 3, 2021, more than 100 teachers and students at Mae Sot Municipal Sports School, Mae Sot District, Tak Province, who are at risk, are still being detained inside the school.

after the previous Health workers from community clinics Mae Sot Municipality Proactively tested, found 37 people infected with COVID-19, including one teacher and 36 students.

For the infected people are now being taken to the field hospital for treatment. But those at risk still have to self-quarantine for 14 days, with a team of doctors and nurses coming in for a physical examination. and find infection for a specified period of time

As for the COVID-19 situation in Tak province, the latest has found 140 new cases, bringing the cumulative total to 10,894 and the cumulative death to 158.

Ministry of Public Health confirms COVID-19 vaccine All types that Thailand provides are effective.

Dr. Opas Karn Kawinpong Director-General of the Department of Disease Control and Dr. Sophon Iam Sirithavorn Deputy Director-General of the Department of Disease Control jointly announced the effectiveness of all vaccines used in Thailand. Dr. Opas emphasized that Vaccines are an important tool to control COVID-19. but must be done in conjunction with personal measures, including wearing a mask spacing and maintain hygiene Currently, infection in Thailand tends to decrease. But still have to set up a system for surveillance and disease investigation. Including asking those who are in the vaccination criteria to receive the vaccine as prescribed in order to better control the outbreak.

Currently, Thai people have received at least one dose of vaccination, 34.6% of the total population. Of those who received 2 doses, 13.5 percent confirmed that the Ministry of Health gave 35 million doses of vaccines to people. No direct death from the vaccine has been found. There is a system to continuously monitor the safety of vaccinations.

Sourced from: Thai PBS [1] [2] | Thai news agency


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