TRIBUNNEWS.COM, THAILAND – Intention to want to see hot film in order to increase the passion of the bed turned into disappointment and even revealed surprising facts.

This is because this couple finds the unexpected in the adult film.

They saw with their own eyes that their child was in the film.

They see their 19 year old daughter in the film as the main character.

Both of them immediately tried to contact their child shortly after seeing the film.

When contacted, the child finally admitted that the woman in the hot film was himself.

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But it turns out there is a heartbreaking story behind the creation hot film the.

Apparently the child had been raped by his own girlfriend and then recorded.

Unfortunately, the recording was entered by her lover on a paid porn site.

Launching from, Saturday (17/10/2020) hearing the child’s explanation, his father immediately became furious.

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