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Coupe de France: TFC wins 1-0 against Niort and qualifies for the 32nd of finals

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The Toulousains were able to win on the smallest of margins this Tuesday against Niort in the Coupe de France. Patrice Garande had yet turned his workforce, but he was able to count on a new goal from Bayo to make the difference.

The “substitutes” had a mission, and they fulfilled it perfectly. TFC coach Patrice Garande decided to run this Tuesday, January 20, during the Coupe de France match between Toulouse and Niort. And if the purple coach does not like the term substitute, preferring to speak of “group”, it is the players who play less who pocketed the qualification, at the end of a generally dominated meeting.

French Cup: results

Nathan Ngoumou in attack and Agustin Rogel behind, very visible, showed the way for their teammates to continue the adventure in this funny Coupe de France. However, at the start of the match, the TFC had difficulty setting up its game. Like a draft Sidibé in sentry position (two losses of balls which could have been expensive in the first quarter of hour), the Violets, who played in white for the occasion, took 25 minutes to finally succeed in setting foot on the leather.

In the right lane, it was Sam Sanna and Nathan Ngoumou who took the lead in order to speed up their team’s play. Winners of their duels, the two players trained at the club made the Niort defenders dizzy (30th, 35th, 43rd). Large bridge for Ngoumou, sombrero for Sanna… Toulouse agitators have shown the extent of their technical palette. Too bad, the match not being broadcast, only about forty lucky ones, present in the stands, were able to enjoy it.

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Rogel’s last stand

Dominators, the Violets finally opened the scoring on an action coming (once is not customary) from the left side: Van den Boomen threw Bayo in depth. Confident after his good comeback last weekend against Grenoble (1 goal and 1 assist), the striker loaned by Celtic concluded the action of a clever ball to beat Michel (36th). Sanna could even have doubled the bet but his right shot fled the frame (43rd).

During the second act, it is the untenable Nathan Ngoumou who continued to give the Niortais a cold sweat. First by shifting perfectly Bayo who could have afforded a double if Michel had not admired his sense of placement (54th). It was then on a new shift of the same Ngoumou to Sanna that Tef was once again dangerous (56th). The unbearable kid who arrived at the TFC at 5 years old then took charge of lighting a firecracker at 20 meters which grazed the framework of Niort (55th).

Despite all these efforts, the score would not budge. The Niortais tried to come back in the last quarter of an hour, resulting in a game at 100 per hour. From one goal to another, the players were awkward in the truth zone but the tension was present until the end of the meeting.

It took a particularly inspired Rogel to calm the enthusiasm of Niort. The Uruguayan who was perhaps playing his last match with the Violets (he is about to leave) is to be credited with a very good second half.

He even offered himself a last-ditch, covering nearly 80 meters with the ball at his foot before getting a fault 20 meters from the Niort goal (87th). In its wake, the TFC “team” has held high to its opponents, enough to satisfy the coach of Violets. Next step: a derby in Bordeaux for the 32nd finals. A match that will inevitably be eagerly awaited …

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Stadium, closed sanitary facilities.
Referee: M. Nicolas RAINVILLE
MT : 1-0
Additional time: 3 (0 + 3)
For Toulouse: Bayo (36)
TOULOUSE: Goicoechea – Sanna, Rogel, Rouault (Diakité, 46), Moreira (cap. Spierings, 74)) – Diarra, Sidibé, Van den Boomen (Mvoue, 61) – Ngoumou, Bayo (Koulouris, 61), Zobo (Antiste , 74) ./
Trainer: Patrice GARANDE
Warning: Sanna (jersey pull, 83), Spierings (88)
NIORT: Michel – Moutachy, Kilama, Conte, Yongwa – Kemen (cap. Jacob, 61), Bourhane, Doukansy (Renel, 76), Boutobba (Konaté, 61) – Mendes (Baroan, 76), Djigla (Ameka, 52) ./
Trainer: Sébastien DESABRE
The score of the match: 13/20
Men of the match: NGOUMOU, ROGEL (TFC)

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